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Conversion: Ghaziabad police will take Baddo, the main accused of conversion, on remand today, will face 10 questions

Pankaj Prasad
Shahnawaz Maqsood Khan alias Baddo arrested
Shahnawaz Maqsood Khan alias Baddo arrested

Baddo was arrested yesterday by the Thane police of Maharashtra from his lodge at Alibaug in Raigad district.

Ghaziabad police will seek transit remand today of Shahnawaz Maqsood Khan alias Baddo (23), the main accused of conversion of youth through online gaming app Fortnite. Baddo was arrested yesterday by the Thane police of Maharashtra from his lodge at Alibaug in Raigad district. He will be produced in court today, where Ghaziabad police will take him on transit remand.

Thane police said that a case has been registered against Shahnawaz at Ghaziabad's Kavi Nagar police station under the Conversion Act. The police was looking for him. Questioning of relatives and scrutiny of call details of his mobile phone revealed that the accused is hiding in Worli, Mumbai. Baddo fled to Alibaug before the police reached there. Thane police then reached Alibaug and arrested him after a night long search with the help of local police.

All the links of the case will be connected after inquiry

All the links in the conversion case will be connected only after interrogating Baddo. Only then all the questions will be answered. It is expected that the police team will reach Ghaziabad with him by Monday night.
- Ajay Kumar Mishra Police Commissioner, Ghaziabad

Changed five sims and 12 locations in 10 days

The Ghaziabad police reached Mumbai on June 1 to arrest Baddo. Since then he was doing everything to escape. He changed five SIM cards in the mobile phone. 12 locations also changed. He sells computer parts online. Her family has a big cosmetics business.

Have converted in five states

On May 30, a case was registered against former members of the Jama Masjid Committee of Ghaziabad's Sanjay Nagar, Abdul Rehman and Baddo by the father of a Jain community teenager. Both are accused of converting the teenager. Investigation found that Baddo's gang had converted people in five states. Rehman has already been arrested.

Deliberately lost the game, then said - read the Quran, you will win

Investigation revealed that Baddo is the mastermind of the conversion gang. He used to beat teenagers in online games earlier. Then he used to say that read the verses of Quran and play, you will win. In this way, he used to seduce the girls and get them converted. Did the same with the teenager of Rajnagar. Kishore used to leave the house asking to go to the gym and reached there to offer Namaz.

The conversation started in 2021: Baddo said, he was identified with the victim boy in 2021 through the gaming app. After that both started talking on the phone through the decoded system. In the meanwhile talks started on conversion and speeches of fugitive Zakir Naik were heard. Then the victim was seduced and converted.

Conversion case: Baddo will face 10 questions from the police

The police has prepared a list of questions even before the arrest of Shahnawaz Maqsood alias Baddo, the mastermind of conversion through online gaming app. Police officers believe that interrogation of Baddo is very important to connect the links of this strange case of its kind. The crime branch has prepared ten questions. He will also be questioned by the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and other security agencies.

If he gives correct answers to all the questions, then not only will he get the full chain of teenagers aged 15 to 17 years from ensnaring them in online games to converting them to religion, but it will also become clear that his gang's links How far are they spread?

The challenge of the police is also to get his laptop. It is not found yet. From this it will be known that how many teenagers are still trapped in his trap and since when he has been converting. He is 12th pass but computer expert. He also has a lot of knowledge about online games.

Baddo's clue found from brother: When the police could not find Baddo, then his brother Shajeb and mother were taken into custody. No specific information was received from the mother. The brother came to know that Baddo was living in Alibaug under a name change. When the police arrived in shame, Baddo had left. After this the brother told the address of his friend. Baddo was found when the police reached the friend's house in Alibaug.

what happened when

May 30: Conversion case exposed, report filed
May 31: Ghaziabad police team reached Mumbai
June 4: Former office bearer of the mosque committee located in Sanjaynagar Sector-23, Abdul Rehman arrested
June 7: National Child Rights and Protection Commission asked to investigate gaming app
June 11: Ghaziabad police arrested the main accused Shahnawaz alias Baddo from Maharashtra.