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Darbhanga AIIMS: BJP MP said - Nitish Kumar is conspiring to stall AIIMS, JDU retaliated like this

Pankaj Prasad
Darbhanga AIIMS
Darbhanga AIIMS

After the eclipse at Darbhanga AIIMS, BJP MP Gopal Ji Thakur has fiercely targeted the Grand Alliance government, especially CM Nitish Kumar.

After the eclipse at Darbhanga AIIMS, BJP MP Gopal Ji Thakur has fiercely targeted the Grand Alliance government, especially CM Nitish Kumar. The BJP said that under the leadership of PM Modi, the Government of India approved the 750-bed Darbhanga AIIMS on September 15, 2020, with an amount of 1264 crores. Not only this, the target of construction of AIIMS was set within the next 48 months from the date of cabinet decision and even appointed an executive director for speedy execution of Darbhanga AIIMS construction work, but the Bihar government continued to stall Darbhanga AIIMS. And is doing the work of hanging. I want to ask the head of the Bihar government, Nitish Kumar, why did you resort to a wavering policy regarding Darbhanga AIIMS? For what reason, under what compulsion and at whose behest, Nitish Kumar, did you overturn the decision of your cabinet? On whose instructions the land located in DMCH campus, which was transferred to Darbhanga AIIMS, was on the verge of completion of earth filling work, then why did you suddenly have a change of heart, Chief Minister?

BJP MP asked- Darbhanga tried to hang AIIMS?

BJP MP Gopal Ji Thakur asked that Chief Minister, were you afraid that the Prime Minister was going to come to Darbhanga as soon as possible to lay the foundation stone of Darbhanga AIIMS? Is it because of this fear that you tried to hang Darbhanga AIIMS? Chief Minister, you came to Darbhanga in the course of the Samadhan Yatra and instead of a solution, you left Darbhanga with a problem. Chief Minister, the Shobhan land you later talked about giving to Darbhanga AIIMS was only your propaganda and the fact was that Chief Minister, you were only trying to stall AIIMS, which is proved by your MPs writing in the context of Darbhanga AIIMS. does the letter.

Central technical team likes Shobhan's land

BJP MP Gopal ji Thakur did not stop here, asked the Chief Minister to tell on whose instructions 20 of your MPs had written letters to the Prime Minister and the Union Health Minister for shifting Darbhanga AIIMS elsewhere? How did your most trusted advisor get to know so quickly that the Central Technical Team likes Shobhan's land? Because the very next day after the departure of your consultant investigation team from Darbhanga, he wrote in the social media that the Central Technical Investigation Team had chosen Shobhan's land for Darbhanga AIIMS. Nitish Kumar, you and your advisor might be thinking that spreading lies more often will hide the truth, but truth does not remain hidden for long and repeated repetition of lies does not make them truth. The public has understood the negative and irresponsible role of the Nitish government regarding Darbhanga AIIMS. The mischief your government is doing to play with the life of Janata Janardan. This is not forgivable. The BJP MP said that we demand from Nitish Kumar that, respecting the aspirations and sentiments of Mithila residents, transfer the DMCH land already proposed for Darbhanga AIIMS, which was given for AIIMS, as soon as possible.

JDU said- Central government does not want to do development work in Bihar

Former Union Minister of State, Government of India, co-JDU senior leader Mohd. Ali Asraf Fatmi retorted on BJP's statement and said that it is a very sad incident for the residents of Mithilanchal and Darbhanga that the Delhi government does not want to do development work inside Bihar. Darbhanga residents were yearning for AIIMS for a long time. Recently, due to the hard work of Nitish Kumar, the place for Darbhanga was also selected. First inside DMCH, then in the premises of Ashok Paper Mill of Hayaghat block, then later in Shobhan, the land was marked and given land for the construction of AIIMS. After a long time, the ministry has given a letter to the Bihar government that this land is not suitable for the building of AIIMS. I want to know whether the Government of India also wants to give AIIMS to Bihar or not. Now the destiny of the central government is being doubted. No doubt, now it is confirmed that these people do not want to give another AIIMS to Bihar. That is, wherever there is an opposition government, the central government does not want to help it. He said that you are seeing that Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, UGC, Electric City used to help. All help has stopped. Darbhanga AIIMS is not only for Darbhanga but for entire North Bihar and it was a big thing for Mithilanchal.