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USA: America expressed concern over the political situation in Pakistan, gave advice to the army

Pankaj Prasad
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller

Common citizens in Pakistan can also be prosecuted under the Army Act and if found guilty in this law can be punished from life imprisonment to death.

Action is being taken against a large number of PTI workers under the Army Act in connection with the violence that took place on May 9 in Pakistan. Thousands of Imran Khan's supporters have been jailed. Now America has also expressed concern over this. US Department of State spokesman Matthew Miller said on Tuesday that the US is aware of the military action being taken against civilians in Pakistan. Miller said the US continues to urge Pakistan to respect democratic principles and the rule of law in order to uphold the supremacy of the Constitution.

America expressed concern over the situation

In fact, Matthew Miller was asked about the current situation in Pakistan, where 5000 people have been jailed and the orders of the Supreme Court are being defied. In response, Miller said that 'we are aware of the situation and are also concerned for those citizens who are facing military trials. We are constantly appealing to the Pakistani authorities to respect democratic principles. At the same time, we keep talking with Pakistani top officials about human rights, democracy, security, protection of journalists and respect for the rule of law, etc. It has always been a priority for America.

Action taken under the Army Act by bringing a proposal in Parliament

Let us tell you that on June 12, a resolution was passed in the Parliament of Pakistan, demanding strict action under the Army Act against the culprits of May 9 violence. Please tell that action can be taken against ordinary citizens in Pakistan under the Army Act and if found guilty in this law, punishment can range from life imprisonment to death.

Violence broke out on 9 May

It is noteworthy that on May 9, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan was arrested from the Islamabad High Court premises in the Al Qadir Trust case. After that, PTI supporters protested on the streets, in which there was a lot of violence. During this, military installations and residences of military generals were targeted in an unprecedented manner. The Pakistan Army called it a black chapter in the country's history and had spoken of strict action against the culprits.