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US: The first Hindu-American conference started with Vedic chants in Parliament House, Bhagavad Gita was also mentioned

Pankaj Prasad
Vedic chants in US Parliament House
Vedic chants in US Parliament House

Speaker of the US Parliament, Kevin McCarthy and several other leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties will also attend the conference.

America's first Hindu-American conference took place in US Capitol Hill, the center of America's power. The conference took place on June 14, the purpose of which was to draw the attention of American law makers towards the problems of the Hindu community living in America. This conference was named American for Hindus.

What is the purpose of organizing Hindu conference?

Romesh Japra, the founder and chairman of this Hindu conference, told that this conference is happening for the first time. The Hindu American Conference is being organized for political participation. Our community is active in many fields like cultural, social, economic, religious and all other fields, but we are far behind in politics. The American for Hindus conference is organized by the American for Hindus Political Action Committee along with 20 other diasporas. About 130 Indian American leaders from cities like Florida, New York, Boston, Texas, Chicago, California etc. will participate in this conference.

'Politically backward Indian community'

Japra said that there are many good scientists, doctors and intellectual people in our community but we have not got that much success in politics. So for the first time all of us Hindu American leaders and 20 different organizations have come together. Speaker of the US Parliament, Kevin McCarthy and many other leaders of the Democrats and Republican parties will also participate in this conference so that our leaders and future generations can also actively participate in politics.

Got inspiration from PM Modi

Japra said that he is very excited about the upcoming US visit of PM Modi. He has the power to put India on the world map. He is capable of a lot and we get inspired by that.