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Ukraine is going to be The end? Putin sent nuclear bomb to the border

Maharanee Kumari
Ukraine is going to be The end Putin sent nuclear bomb to the border
Ukraine is going to be The end Putin sent nuclear bomb to the border

The world has once again been shaken by the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus amid the Russia-Ukraine War.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent the first consignment of his most destructive nuclear weapons to Belarus (vladimir putin confirms deployment of nuclear bomb) in the midst of the 16-month-long war between Russia and Ukraine. in belarus) Significantly, Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced to deploy Tactical Nuclear Weapon in Belarus in the month of March this year.

Fear of untoward incident in Ukraine

According to the report published in 'The Hill', Russian President Putin himself has confirmed this decision. After which questions are being raised on his intention. In fact, while addressing the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin said, 'The first stockpile of Russian nuclear weapons has now reached Belarus. The rest of our nuclear weapons will also reach there by the end of this summer season.

blunt warning to western countries

Putting an end to the claims and speculations being made about Russia's condition in the Ukraine war, Putin has warned every country, including America, which is openly supporting Ukraine. Responding to a question asked about the use of nuclear weapons in the same forum, Putin said, “This is an effective and defensive measure against all those who think about Russia and its strategic defeat.”

Belarus claims

Significantly, Belarus has the protection of Putin. In such a situation, this statement of Putin also confirms the statement of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, in which he said that Belarus is now more powerful than before because it has received the first stockpile of dangerous bombs and missiles from Russia. In fact, after talking to the state media of Russia and Belarus, Lukashenko told Fox News that 'all the deadly bombs he received are three times more powerful than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki'.