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Due to the lapse of the Power Corporation, there was an outcry over electricity in UP, the situation may get worse in Au

Pankaj Prasad
Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation
Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation

Power Corporation could not make a correct assessment regarding the power consumption in UP.

The Power Corporation missed the assessment of power consumption and resources in Uttar Pradesh. Consumers and loads kept on increasing, but resources were not developed, as a result of which there was hue and cry in the entire state regarding electricity. If preparations are not made for the month of August from now, the situation can get worse.

UP Power Transmission Corporation has told in the report given to the Regulatory Commission that the maximum consumption in the year 2023-24 can be up to 27531 MW. All preparations were also done on this basis, whereas on June 13 this year itself, the figure of consumption has increased to 27611 MW. This is the situation when incidents like transfer blowing, cable burning, wire breaking, jumper blowing, fuse blowing are happening continuously in rural areas under break down. Because of this, supply remains disrupted for hours in many areas.

Departmental experts say that if the supply is ensured under the prescribed schedule, the consumption can reach up to 29 thousand MW. Same is the case with the development of resources. The existing resource is capable of lifting a load of 5.50 crore KW. The number of consumers has increased to 3.52 crore, due to which the load has increased to 7.47 crore KW.

Upgradation of sub-centres was also not taken care of by the corporations. Now, under the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS), other works including laying of AB cable have been started at a cost of Rs 35,384 crore, but this work is going to last for a long time. Tender process is going on for some works. It is being claimed to be completed by December, which does not seem possible.

Trouble will increase in rain

In the month of June, there is trouble regarding electricity in the state. Now this problem can increase further during the rainy season. The consumption figure also increases during the rainy season. Because in the year 2021-22, the maximum consumption reached 24798 on 28 July. In the year 2022-23, on September 9, the maximum consumption reached 26589 MW. In such a situation, the months of July to September are important in terms of consumption. Local production also falls during the rainy season.

Retired Chief Engineer Shailendra Dubey says that the strategy of the Power Corporation failed at every level. The capacity of about 32 thousand sub-centres was not increased. Only the connections and loads were increased. More than 37 thousand outsourced workers are employed. No work has been done to regularize them. When the consumption can reach around 28 thousand, the resources should have been developed accordingly.

Consumer Council President Awadhesh Kumar Verma says that the officials of Power Corporation were told that this year there will be consumption of more than 28 thousand MW, but they remained limited to 27611 MW. Array Bunch Conductors (ABC) of single phase have been installed five years back. Since then consumers have increased in every street. Now double face ABC is needed. Power Corporation claims power availability as per consumption, but the important question is for how many hours the consumer is getting power.

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Chairman M Devaraj says that the corporation is continuously upgrading its system. AB cables are being installed in place of open wires. Armored service cables are being installed. Many works are going on to improve the power system. Transformers are being replaced. All these things take time.