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Heat wave wreaks havoc in UP's Ballia, 54 people died in 3 days; Medical officer removed

Pankaj Prasad
Heat wave wreaks havoc in Ballia
Heat wave wreaks havoc in Ballia

In Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh, at least 54 people have died in the last 3 days amid scorching heat and heat wave havoc.

In Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh, at least 54 people have died in the last 3 days amid scorching heat and heat wave havoc. The Chief Medical Superintendent here has been removed for making an 'irresponsible statement'. Health Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak (Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak) said that two senior doctors are being sent to check the ground situation. People are getting better treatment in the government hospital, all the facilities are available there. However, severe heat wave is going on in the state, with the temperature crossing 40 degrees in most of the places.

In fact, Chief Medical Superintendent of Ballia District Hospital Diwakar Singh had said that 'sweltering heat is a problem for all. In such weather, the problem increases further for people suffering from diseases like blood pressure, bronchial asthma, as these diseases become fierce.' On the other hand, 'NDTV' quoted SK Yadav, Medical Superintendent in charge of District Hospital Ballia, as saying that 23 patients died on 15th June, 20 on 16th June and 11 on 17th June. Officials said that due to the scorching heat, the number of people admitted to the hospital is increasing.

Is there any disease that is not being detected

Additional Health Director of Azamgarh Circle, Dr. BP Tiwari said that a team is coming from Lucknow to check if there is any such disease which is not being detected. However, due to excessive heat or cold, the risk increases for respiratory patients, diabetes patients and blood pressure patients. Dr. Tiwari speculated that he might have died due to a slight rise in mercury. Patients are being admitted to hospitals with fever, shortness of breath and other problems.

Crowd of patients in the district hospital of Ballia

Here, there is information about the crowd of patients in Ballia District Hospital and the patients are unable to get stretchers. Many attendants are carrying their patients on their shoulders to the emergency ward. However, the Additional Health Director told that if 10 patients come together then it can be difficult, but they have stretchers. At the same time, the Deputy Chief Minister also denied that there is any lack of facilities in government hospitals. A total of 54 people have lost their lives so far. Doctors have said that there are different reasons for these deaths. Extreme heat can also be a reason.