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Modi-Fateh will write a new chapter of bilateral relationship in Egypt visit; Economic settlement possible

Pankaj Prasad
Abdul Fattah Elassi and PM Modi
Abdul Fattah Elassi and PM Modi

Egypt is a neutral and strong voice of the Islamic world in addition to being a major power in West Asia.

In the first visit of PM Modi, Egypt and India will write a new chapter in bilateral relations. In the two-day visit of PM, both the countries can also agree to increase the strategic partnership along with sealing the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). If everything goes according to plan, Egypt can import essential things in Indian currency.

Actually in the present circumstances both the countries need each other's help. Egypt, desirous of becoming a military power, wants military helicopters, Tejas fighter aircraft, Akash missiles and many other military equipment from India. Egypt also seeks help from India in the matter of technical education. On the other hand, India, which is working on a plan to reduce imports from China, wants to increase the supply of gas besides fertilizers from Egypt. Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Elassi wants trade between the two countries to reach $12 billion annually.

Why Egypt is important for India?

Egypt is a neutral and strong voice of the Islamic world in addition to being a major power in West Asia. In such a situation, along with penetration in Islamic countries, India's strategy of becoming the voice of Global South by helping West Asia's big power Egypt can also be successful.

That's why India became alert...

Egypt had distanced itself from the G-20 Working Group meeting held in Kashmir. Those who distanced themselves from the meeting included China, Turkey and Saudi. This stand of Egypt came to the fore when India made Alassi the chief guest of the Republic Day this year. It is probably because of this attitude that Modi's visit to Egypt was scripted. Government sources said that Egypt is keen to become a member of BRICS. India will cooperate with him in this.

Significantly, Prime Minister Modi will go to Cairo on a state visit to Egypt from 24 to 25 June. Modi is making this visit at the invitation of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Al-Sisi attended India's Republic Day celebrations this year as the chief guest. At the same time he invited the Prime Minister to visit Egypt. This will be Modi's first visit to Egypt as Prime Minister.