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Global Outage Plagues Meta Apps: WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Struggle to Stay Online

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Global Outage Plagues Meta Apps WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Struggle to Stay Online
Global Outage Plagues Meta Apps WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Struggle to Stay Online

Stay informed on the latest global outage affecting Meta's popular apps - WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Discover the ongoing technical struggles and efforts to restore services amid widespread user frustration.

In a wave of frustration and disruption, WhatsApp users worldwide found themselves unable to send or receive messages late last night. The issue, which began around 11:45 pm, left millions of users stranded in digital silence. According to reports from Downdetector, the problem hit its peak at 11:46 pm, with a staggering 21,500 complaints flooding in. Among these, 69% of users reported difficulties using the app altogether, while 25% struggled to receive messages, and 6% encountered issues with the website.

Responding to the widespread outcry, WhatsApp acknowledged the glitch and assured users that a fix was in progress. In a statement, the company expressed, "We are aware that some users are experiencing difficulties with WhatsApp at this time. We are working to resolve the issue as swiftly as possible to restore seamless communication for everyone."

The disruption, however, wasn't confined to WhatsApp alone. Instagram, another popular platform under the Meta umbrella, experienced its own bout of technical difficulties. Around the same time as WhatsApp, users began encountering problems, including the inability to refresh feeds or view the latest stories. Downdetector also flagged issues with Facebook, coinciding with the outages on its sister platforms. At its height at 11:58 pm, approximately 1700 complaints flooded in regarding Facebook's malfunctioning services.

This marks the second major outage of the year for Meta's trifecta of social media platforms, following a similar incident just last month. During that disruption, users faced login difficulties lasting for about two hours. The last time WhatsApp faced such an extensive outage was in 2022, when the service was halted for a period of two hours.

As users await the restoration of their digital lifelines, the repeated technical hiccups raise concerns about the reliability and resilience of these essential communication platforms in the modern age.