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Ghazipur: Supporters raided the police station to free Mukhtar Ansari's special henchman, police lathicharged

Pankaj Prasad
Ghazipur police arrested Amit Rai
Ghazipur police arrested Amit Rai

Ghazipur police arrested Amit Rai, a special henchman of Mafia Mukhtar Ansari, on Friday evening.

Mafia Mukhtar Ansari's associate, active member of IS-191 and district's top ten criminal Amit Rai was arrested by Karimuddinpur police from Louwadih under pass on Friday evening. According to the police, to get rid of the criminal at around 11 o'clock in the night, more than a hundred of his supporters reached the police station armed with sticks, bricks and stones and attacked while shouting slogans. On reaching the lockup, the police lathi-charged the supporters and drove them away. Vicious was challaned on Saturday.

The police were on the lookout for Amit Rai, the district's top-ten criminal, under a warrant issued in the trial under the Gangster Act. On the information of the informer late in the evening the police laid siege near Louwadih and nabbed him. On search, a stolen revolver and four cartridges were recovered from him. Here, as soon as the information about the arrest was received, the supporters of the criminal reached the police station at around 11 pm. These included more than a hundred women and men.

Many protesters injured in lathicharge

The local police informed the higher authorities about this and lathi-charged the crowd to disperse it. During this, many protesters were also injured. At the same time, as soon as the information was received, under the leadership of Muhammadabad CO Hitendra Krishna, the police of Bhanvarkol, Muhammadabad and Baresar police station reached the spot and took charge. Then the matter calmed down. The next day the police challaned the vicious criminal.

Karimuddinpur police station remained a battlefield for one hour

According to the police, more than 100 people who reached the police station became furious. They were raising the slogan of Quit Amit Rai. The police were still busy in pacifying the matter that they reached the lockup. On the other hand, many police personnel were also injured due to the attack of supporters armed with bricks and stones. Karimuddinpur police station remained a battlefield for about an hour. However, the police managed to chase them away from the police station. During this, the vehicles passing through the Muhammadabad-Chitbadgaon road stopped here and there. At the same time, the villagers of the nearby villages were also scared after hearing the voice.

Case against 8 nominated and more than 100 unknown including Amit's father

On the Tahrir of Police Station President Devendra Yadav, the police started a crackdown by registering a case against eight named and more than 100 unknown including the father of the criminal. Karimuddinpur police station chief said that Ram Pravesh Rai, father of criminal Amit Rai, along with his associates reached the police station armed with sticks and bricks and stones and while raising slogans started moving towards the lock-up to forcefully release him. During this, the government property in the police station premises was also damaged by them. In this case, a case has been registered against eight named and more than 100 unknown including Rampravesh Rai.

SP Ghazipur Omveer Singh said that Amit Rai is the top-ten criminal of the district. Recently, a case of extortion was registered against him. In one case there was a warrant, the police arrested him. A stolen revolver has been recovered from him. His relatives and associates had come to the police station to get him released. Police is busy in taking legal action by registering a case in this matter.

Amit Rai had become a headache for the police

Amit Rai, wanted in the Gangster Act, was a headache for the Karimuddinpur and City Kotwali police. Amit has 28 cases including murder, attempt to murder and gangster registered in Karimuddinpur, Bhanwarkol and City Kotwali. According to police figures, Pappu Giri, a resident of Dilia village of Kotwali city, was threatened with death by criminals Amit Rai and Vishwanath Yadav on the instigation of vicious criminal Angad Rai for not testifying in a case. Also demanded extortion of Rs 5 lakh. In this case, on March 3, Pappu Giri had filed a case against Angad Rai, his brother Vishwanath Rai and Amit Rai, a resident of Joga Musahib village of Karimuddinpur police station, at the city police station.

Vishwanath Rai is lodged in jail in this case, while Angad fled to Bihar fearing the strictness of the police and was arrested on March 13 in Bhabhua district of Bihar with three bottles of liquor. At the same time, the notorious criminal Amit was absconding, to arrest whom the district police was raiding possible places. After a long wait, the Karimuddinpur police succeeded in arresting the criminal Amit Rai on Saturday late evening.