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Egypt: PM Modi said to NRIs - Everyone's contribution in the success of the country, all Indian heroes

Pankaj Prasad
PM Modi Egypt visit
PM Modi Egypt visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his meeting with the Indian diaspora in Egypt, said that everyone has a contribution in India's success.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his meeting with the Indian diaspora in Egypt, said that everyone has a contribution in India's success. All Indians living in the world are heroes. The people of the country work hard, the country progresses. Modi, who arrived in Cairo on Saturday after concluding a state visit at the invitation of US President Joe Biden, was accorded a warm welcome at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. While Modi was overwhelmed by the welcome received by the Indians living in Egypt, the NRIs also looked giddy after welcoming them.

Most of the members appreciated Modi's historic address in the US Parliament and the economic progress of the country under his leadership. PM Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to pay a bilateral visit to Egypt in 26 years. You are India's hero, a member of the community told PM Modi during an interaction with NRIs at Hotel Ritz Carlton. In response to this, PM Modi said, every Indian is a hero. India's success is the result of your hard work. Your penance is working. Earlier, Indians greeted PM Modi on his arrival by waving the tricolor and chanting Vande Mataram. PM Modi was surprised when an Egyptian woman, Jena, welcomed her with the song Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge. Jena told that she knows very little Hindi. On this the PM said, no one will know whether you are the daughter of Egypt or the daughter of India.

meeting bohra community

The Bohra community has a deep connection with PM Modi's home state Gujarat. Touched by the warm reception of the Indian expatriate in Egypt, tweeted the Prime Minister. Their support and love is a symbol of the eternal bond between our nations. At the same time, PM Modi also met the Indian diaspora at the Al-Hakim Mosque. After the meeting, Indian-origin Shujauddin Shabbir Tambawala said, Prime Minister Modi spoke to us and inquired about our well being... as family members do.

Heggy shares insightful perspective on global issues After meeting Heggy at the Center for Coptic Studies at American University and the Center for Jewish-Muslim Studies at the University of Toronto, the PM tweeted, "Eminent thinker shared insightful perspective on global issues." I respect his rich knowledge of different cultures. It is noteworthy that Heggy has written 30 books in Arabic, English, Italian, French languages.

Discussion on global geopolitics, energy security and close cooperation with Indian companies

During his visit to Egypt, PM Modi met prominent personalities including renowned thinker and petroleum strategist Tarek Heggy and Hassan Alam, CEO of Hassan Alam Holding, one of the largest Egyptian companies in West Asia and North African region. The PM discussed global geopolitics, energy security, insurgency and close cooperation with Indian companies in various sectors with these personalities. Alam said, under the leadership of PM Modi, India's private companies are developing rapidly in the infrastructure, engineering and industrial sectors.

Alam said, Prime Minister Modi is an extraordinary person...intelligent, humble, great visionary. I found meeting with him informative, educative and inspiring. We need to learn a lot from the private sector in India.

Modi said after seeing Al Hakim Mosque – I am honored

PM Modi visited the historic 11th century Al-Hakim Mosque and called it an honor for him. It was renovated by the Dawoodi Bohra community of India. It is considered to be a mosque showing the confluence of the cultures of India and Egypt. Built in the year 1012, mainly Friday prayers are held in this mosque, the rest of the five-time prayers are also offered. It is the fourth oldest mosque in Cairo and covers 13,560 square meters.