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BJP: Big changes can happen in BJP; Speculation after high level meeting of PM Modi, Amit Shah and JP Nadda

Pankaj Prasad
PM Modi Amit Shah and JP Nadda
PM Modi Amit Shah and JP Nadda

There has been speculation about a major change in the BJP for a long time.

There has been speculation about a major change in the BJP for a long time. Meanwhile, late night on June 28, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP National President JP Nadda and party's organization general secretary BL Santosh. It is believed that a major reshuffle in the government and the organization was discussed in this meeting held at the Prime Minister's residence. There can be a big change in the electoral states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Telangana. Some people from these states can be brought into the government and some ministers can be sent to the organization for better functioning. This change can be materialized before the monsoon session which is likely to be held after the second week of July.
In fact, prior to this meeting, Home Minister Amit Shah had held at least five marathon meetings with JP Nadda, BL Santosh and a top RSS functionary, Arun Kumar. On June 5, June 6 and June 7, these top leaders held a long meeting at the BJP headquarters to chalk out changes in the party. These changes were discussed in the meeting with the Prime Minister and the PM put his stamp on the changes.

Whose fate will change?

The fate of many leaders in the party can change, while some leaders can be sent to the organization and engaged in election work. The party can appoint some leaders who have performed better in the election states as election in-charges in the election states.
At the same time, the responsibilities of Union Ministers Anurag Thakur, Dharmendra Pradhan and Bhupendra Yadav may increase. In view of the increased political activism in Bihar, some leaders of the state may be assigned an important role in the organization.
In Telangana, there was a lot of anger among the workers regarding the party president Bundi Sanjay Kumar, there also some changes can be made to try to adjust the electoral equation.

Party's challenges increased

The way the opposition parties have tried to challenge the BJP by holding a unity meeting in Patna, the party has felt the need to re-correct its election preparations. The election results of Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh have also indicated the need for the party to rethink its election strategy. The way the Congress has created a new screw in the electoral equations in various states with free election promises, it has become a new challenge for the central government to deal with it. It is believed that the strategy to deal with all these challenges can be seen in the changes.