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UP: Suspected terrorists had plans to make India an Islamic nation, Saddam was angry with Babri Masjid decision

Pankaj Prasad
Babri Masjid decision
Babri Masjid decision

UP ATS has arrested two suspects. Both are influenced by terrorist organizations Al Qaeda, Ansar Ghazwatul and Hizbul etc.

ATS has arrested two suspects involved in anti-national activities. The ATS claims that both were called to the ATS headquarters for questioning. During interrogation, both confessed that they were influenced by terrorist organizations Al Qaeda, Ansar Gajwatul and Hizbul etc.

They have a plan to make India an Islamic nation by implementing Sharia law and are running their campaign through social media. ATS is questioning both. The UP Anti-Terrorism Squad received information that Saddam Sheikh (38), a resident of Pathanpurwa, Gonda, is a driver in a company named NTC in Bangalore.

He is associated with terrorist organizations and is trying to do some big incident by making anti-national plans. Monitoring also revealed that Saddam is very active on social media and keeps posting fiery posts in support of terrorist organizations. On this he was called to the ATS headquarters after giving a notice.

The ATS claims that he has confessed to his crimes during preliminary interrogation. Admitted that he is greatly influenced by Al Qaeda, Ansar Ghazwatul Hind and Hizbul terrorists Burhan Wani. Terrorists like Laden, Zakir Musa, Riyaz Naiku, Naved Nut, Sameer Tiger are his ideals. Photos and videos related to these were also recovered from his phone.

Similarly, information was also received about Rizwan Khan (23), a resident of Kashmir, that he is indulging in anti-national activities by joining terrorist organizations while staying in UP. He is spreading terrorist propaganda on social media and is working to connect other people with him by posting photos of terrorists.

Until recently, he was working as a security guard at Indargo Food Pvt Ltd, a meat factory in Unnao. Presently he is working in Marhaba Frozen Food Pvt. Ltd. in Bihar. I am working as a security guard. Rizwan was also called and inquired.

Saddam was angry with Babri Masjid decision

According to the ATS, Saddam admitted that he was angry with the Babri Masjid decision and wanted to avenge it. That's why he used to post such content on social media so that someone could contact him and give arms training. He wanted to form an army of his own by taking the Muslims who had been oppressed. Photos of organizations like ISIS, Albadra, Lashkar-e-Taiba etc. were found in Saddam's DP. He was in touch with Pakistani, Kashmiri terrorists through IMO app.