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Threads App: New social media platform bringing meta to compete with Twitter, will be launched this week! Learn Features

Pankaj Prasad
Threads App
Threads App

The Threads app will allow users to follow accounts they follow on the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram-owned Meta is preparing to launch its new text-based app Threads App to compete with Twitter. It is claimed that this social media app can be launched this week itself. The launch of the Threads app comes at a time when new restrictions on the app have been announced by Twitter. In fact, Twitter has made it necessary to be verified to use TweetDeck under the new ban. That is, users who do not have Blue Tick will not be able to use TweetDeck.

What is Threads App?

Threads, Instagram's text-based conversation app, is expected to be released on Thursday, July 6, and will allow users to follow accounts they follow on photo-sharing platform Instagram, an Apple App Store listing shows. Will give Along with this, users will also be allowed to have an Instagram username. However, till now Meta has not given any information about such a launch on Google Play Store.

Users looking for alternative of Twitter

Twitter-like platforms such as Bluesky and Mastodon saw an increase in users and activity shortly after Musk announced the new restrictions. Bluesky, which was launched by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and is now in beta mode, said it saw "record high traffic" on Saturday and was temporarily pausing new sign-ups. Its creator and CEO, Eugen Rochko, said that Mastodon's active user base has grown by 110,000 in just one day.

Twitter issued a new decree

Actually, Twitter is issuing new decrees every day. A day earlier, Twitter had fixed the post count of users without blue ticks and now the company has banned the use of TweetDeck by users without blue ticks. There is a lot of opposition to these decisions of Musk and users are also looking for an alternative to Twitter. In such a situation, launching a new app of Meta can be a profitable deal.