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Twitter: Now common users will not be able to use this service for free, will have to spend money on Blue Tick

Pankaj Prasad
TweetDeck and Elon Musk
TweetDeck and Elon Musk

Twitter says that these changes to use TweetDeck will start within 30 days.

After setting a limit on tweet reading for users by Twitter, now this micro-blogging platform has started imposing restrictions on some of its services as well. The first of these has affected Twitter's TweetDeck service, through which users can view tweets from different Twitter handles of their choice in a sequential manner. Twitter has announced that now users must be verified to use this service, that is, they must have a blue tick.

Twitter says that these changes to use TweetDeck will start within 30 days. However, even before this announcement from Twitter, many TweetDeck users are facing problems. Especially in terms of receiving notifications and tweets. Several people have complained that the Twitter handles column in their TweetDeck is not loading. The problem started in TweetDeck after the company's CEO Elon Musk announced that he had set a limit of viewing 10,000 posts a day for verified users and 1000 tweets for unverified users.

Twitter has made this latest announcement in a tweet. In this, information related to bringing the new version of TweetDeck and new features has been given in it. However, it is not yet clear whether the company will charge for the new and old versions of TweetDeck.

TweetDeck's new features were also announced

Twitter said in its tweets, "We have launched the new and improved version of TweetDeck. All users can find their saved searches and workflows in the new version at" Twitter said that in the new version of TweetDeck, all saved searches, lists and columns will be present as before.

The company said that some new features have also been added to TweetDeck. These include Spaces, Video Docking, Twitter Polls and new features. The Teams function is not currently provided in TweetDeck and will be relaunched in the coming weeks. Users must be verified to use TweetDeck for the next 30 days.