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Khalistan Issue: US lawmakers condemned the attack on the Indian Embassy, said- Violence is not acceptable at all

Pankaj Prasad
Khalistan Issue
Khalistan Issue

Some Khalistani fundamentalists set fire to the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, America, between 1.30 am and 2.30 am on Sunday, July 2 midnight.

Several lawmakers, including India's ambassador to the US, have condemned the incident of arson by Khalistan supporters at the consulate in San Francisco. Mr. Thanedar, Rich McCormick and Brian Fitzpatrick from Michigan's 13th District, Georgia's 6th Congressional District and Pennsylvania's 1st Congressional District respectively expressed their anger at the terror by Khalistani supporters.

what is the matter

In fact, some Khalistani fanatics set fire to the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, America, between 1.30 and 2.30 midnight on Sunday, July 2. The fire quickly began to spread through the consulate. However, immediately the fire department was informed, after which the team reached the spot and doused the fire. It was a matter of pride that there was no casualty in this accident. Please tell that Khalistani fundamentalists also made a video of the incident and made it viral on social media.

These people condemned

Mr. Thanedar of Congress strongly criticized the incident. He said that I condemn the incident that took place in the Indian Consulate. The terror of violence cannot be accepted in a democracy. At the same time, McCormick also condemned the attack. He said that the attack on the Indian Embassy is unacceptable. America stands strong with our allies. We will never accept this attack.

Further, Rep Fitzpatrick said that strict action should be taken against those who are behind the incident. He further said that such violence is against the law. Hope those involved are held accountable with appropriate legal action.

Criticism of the rally to be held on July 8

The co-chairman of India Caucus criticized the rally of Khalistanis to be held on July 8. He said that freedom does not mean promoting violence. Indian-American Congressmen Ro Khanna and Michelle Waltz said that we, as co-chairs of the India Caucus, strongly condemn the incident of setting fire to the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, USA. He also demanded the US government to take action on this.

He said that we accept every freedom of America, but that does not mean that someone has got a license to commit violence. Violence against democracy is a crime and we will not accept it. We demand the state government to cooperate in the investigation.