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Haryana lost contact with Punjab: Ghaggar water filled up to 6 feet on the highway, GT road closed, trains suspended

Pankaj Prasad
Ghaggar river in Ambala
Ghaggar river in Ambala

Along with North India, normal life has also been affected in Haryana due to heavy rains.

The water of the Ghaggar river in Ambala has reached up to six feet on the Delhi-Chandigarh highway connecting Haryana with Punjab. Due to which GT Road has to be closed. Due to this Punjab's contact with Haryana has been severed. At the same time, due to water-logging on the railway track, trains going from Delhi to Chandigarh have been stopped at Kurukshetra. On the other hand, trains going from Chandigarh towards Delhi have been postponed.

Rivers created havoc in Ambala

On Monday, for the third consecutive day, all the three rivers Tangri, Markanda and Ghaggar caused havoc in Ambala due to rain. Due to this, about 40 percent of Ambala is submerged. Contact with many villages has been cut off. The overflowing Tangri river has flooded the surrounding areas, forcing a large number of people to take shelter on the roofs of houses. Last night also more than 400 people were rescued near Tangri. Rescue work is going on by the administration. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, NDRF team has been called in the area. Along with this, the army has also been put on alert. In Mullana, the water of the Markanda river overflowed on the Ambala-Jagadhri highway, causing the Himachal Pradesh depot bus carrying 27 people to overturn. They were rescued after a struggle. The district has received about 130 mm of rain on Monday.

Sampark Kranti postponed in Kurukshetra due to water on railway track in Ambala, passengers left by buses

Due to heavy rains and spate of rivers, the flood situation in Ambala has also affected the Railways. On Monday, train number 12217 Sampark Kranti had to be stopped at Kurukshetra railway station itself. During this, around 500 passengers had to face difficulties. Later, the railway department itself had to deploy seven buses to take them to their destination. Many other trains also could not proceed, so the railway officials were busy making arrangements for the passengers till late night. There was a huge crowd of passengers at the railway station.

According to information, Sampark Kranti had left for Chandigarh from New Delhi and did not have any stoppage at Kurukshetra. Its stoppage is fixed in Ambala from the railway side, but when the railway officials came to know about the situation in Ambala, the train had to be postponed in Kurukshetra itself. After this, special arrangements were made by the railway administration to facilitate all the passengers. Seven buses were arranged by the railway administration to take the passengers free of cost to Chandigarh and they were sent to the destination.

Decision taken due to excess water: Vinod

Station master Vinod Kumar told that due to high water on the Ambala to Chandigarh railway track, the train has been postponed by the railway administration. He informed that trains coming from Chandigarh will also remain suspended. Apart from this, the trains going from Delhi to Ludhiana have also been given permission by the railway administration to go only till Ambala.

Flood alert in Guhla, Ghaggar river water to reach danger mark

Due to continuous rains for three days and after the mountains, a flood-like situation has developed in the Guhla-Chika area. The water of the Ghaggar river passing through the area has reached above the danger mark on Monday late evening. By the time the news was written, water had reached 23.4 feet in the river. The danger mark is at 23 feet. It is being told that if the rains do not stop in Panchkula, Ambala and Kaithal, there will be flood situation in more than 18 villages situated on the banks of the river. On the other hand, the Saraswati river passing through Polad village is also in spate. Due to excessive rains in Pehowa, the water in this river has increased.

Till Sunday evening, the water level of Ghaggar river was only 10 feet, but due to 600 mm of rain in the district on Monday, there was a sudden increase in the water level of Ghaggar. The effect of an average of 86 mm of rain is that the water level of the Ghaggar river has reached 0.4 feet above the danger mark. If the rain does not stop, soon the rising water of the river can damage the ring dam. If such a situation arises, the farmers of two dozen villages including Bopur, Kamehadi, Gagadpur, Arnauli, Channa Jattan, Daba, Chaba, Sarola, Bhunsla, Khambheda of Halka Guhla as well as half a dozen villages of Punjab may have to face huge losses.

Karnal district recorded 41 mm of rain on Monday. Five villages of Indri adjacent to the Yamuna were inundated. The administration team inspected the spot. On the other hand, on Monday morning, the roof of a house fell due to rain in Sagga village of Nilokhedi, due to which the couple died by being buried under the debris. On the other hand, the roof of the house fell in Tarawadi also, fortunately no one lost his life here.

Saraswati river water filled in surrounding areas, administration alert

120 mm of rain has been recorded in Kurukshetra from Sunday to Monday afternoon. In this, 242 mm was recorded in Ismailabad area till 8 am itself. Whereas Pehowa received 184 mm of rain. The DC has ordered the heads of all the departments to stay at the headquarters. At the same time, 66 officers, patwaris and village secretaries have been sent to the field. The broken embankments in Ladwa and Ismailabad have been bridged on Monday after much effort. On the other hand, the water of Saraswati river has filled in many areas.

Flood situation in dozens of villages in Yamunanagar, people going to safe places by tractor trolleys

The water level at Hathini Kund barrage had reached three lakh cusecs on Sunday night, but after discharging the water, it was 1.5 lakh cusecs on Monday morning. After this it reached 2.25 lakh cusecs by afternoon. Lapra, situated on the banks of river Yamuna, has three to four feet of water and in many places up to five feet of water. People are going to safe places by keeping luggage on tractor trolley. Flood situation persists in about two dozen villages. DC visited the affected villages, but no relief has been provided. On the other hand, more than five dozen colonies of the city are submerged. About 250 mm of rain has been recorded in the district in the last 24 hours.

House collapsed due to falling debris of mountain in Pinjore

Due to heavy rains in Panchkula's Pinjore, a house built in the foothills collapsed due to falling debris and a young man and his nephew were killed. And a small girl is still buried under the debris. All three were eating food sitting in their house. The local people started removing the debris and the police and fire brigade were informed. Three fire brigade and two police personnel arrived in the name of rescue.

Pinjore resident Akash, 19, his younger sister Priya, five, and nephew Karthik, seven, were having dinner at home. A lady Dhanwanti was also sitting with him. His house is built at the foot of the mountain. Around 9:30 in the morning, due to heavy rain, a lot of debris from the mountain slipped and fell on his house.

Dhanwanti manages to escape, but Akash, Karthik and Priya get buried under the debris. As soon as the information was received, the people around ran and started removing the debris. At the time of writing the bodies of Akash and Karti had been retrieved from the debris. People are busy searching for Priya.

All programs of Haryana CM canceled, emergency meeting called, tourists stranded in Himachal

Heavy rains have created a flood-like situation in many districts of Haryana. Along with the administration, now the government has also come on alert mode. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal has canceled all his previously scheduled programs. He has called an emergency meeting of officers at the Haryana Civil Secretariat. CM Manohar Lal will review the situation arising due to heavy rains in the entire state. Officials from the Ministry of Revenue and Disaster Management, Home Department, Urban Local Bodies and Rural Development will participate in the meeting. There will be a video conference meeting with the Deputy Commissioners of all the districts.

Tourists from Haryana stranded in Himachal, Manohar spoke to Sukhu

Normal life has been affected in Himachal due to torrential rains. Landslides have blocked the roads at many places. Due to this hundreds of tourists are stranded in Himachal. Tourists from Haryana are also included in these. Their relatives are unable to contact these tourists. The relatives of the affected tourists appealed to the Haryana government in this regard. As soon as the information was received, Chief Minister Manohar Lal swung into action.

He immediately spoke to Himachal Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu. He urged to evacuate the people of Haryana safely. On this the Himachal CM assured Manohar that the tourists would be safely taken to Haryana. In this regard, a list of stranded tourists has also been given by the Haryana government.