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Haryana Flood: Yamuna came in fierce form, 10 districts in the grip of flood, 8 died, 78 people were rescued

Pankaj Prasad
Haryana Flood
Haryana Flood

Ambala's connectivity with Hisar road is still broken. Buses are closed on these routes

After creating havoc on the mountains, the water of the rivers is now causing trouble in the plains. Due to continuous release of water from Hathinikund barrage in Yamunanagar, the water level of Yamuna river has remained above the danger mark. Yamuna water has entered three more districts of the state, Sonipat, Faridabad and Palwal. Now 10 districts of Haryana Panchkula, Yamunanagar, Ambala, Karnal, Kaithal, Kurukshetra and Panipat have come under the grip of flood.

Eight people died in different parts of the state due to flood and water-logging. Chief Minister Manohar Lal has announced an assistance of Rs 4 lakh to the families of those who lost their lives in the disaster and assistance for repair of houses. Yamuna water again showed its fierce form in Panipat on Wednesday. Drain number-two broke here. Due to this, the fields of half a dozen villages including Bhallaur village were flooded. The Yamuna dam had broken here on Tuesday near Patthargarh. Due to this, the river water reached the Panipat-Haridwar State Highway and 25 thousand acres of crops of about 15 villages were submerged.

Half a dozen villages have lost contact with each other and the district headquarters. After Panipat, Yamuna started damaging the areas of Sonipat. On Wednesday morning, erosion took place near the villages of Machharola, Bhaira Bankipur and Barauli in Murthal area. The villagers and the administration stopped the erosion after a lot of effort.

Water has reached about 25 villages adjacent to the Yamuna. The connectivity has been interrupted due to water filling and breaking of the road from Jajal to Tonki road. Here on Tuesday the water level of Yamuna was 216.1 meters, which increased to 216.4 meters on Wednesday. Although Yamuna is still below the danger mark of 217 meters. In Faridabad, water started entering the villages adjacent to the Yamuna. The water of the river has filled about 10 thousand houses. The district administration rescued 78 people trapped in the flood in Amipur village at around 2 pm on Tuesday night. Presently these people have been kept in the shelter home of Amipur village.

Ambala's connectivity with Hisar road is still broken. Buses are closed on these routes. There is water till the roofs in the flood-affected villages and even boats are not able to pass through the streets. More than 15 villages in Kurukshetra have been cut off from the district headquarters. Buses are closed on more than 10 routes. Due to this, the roadways is suffering a loss of two lakh rupees daily.

The routes from Pehowa to Punjab are closed. NDRF team rescued people in Deewana village of the town. Cheeka and Samana on the Punjab border in Kaithal and 50 villages in Patiala area have lost contact. Village Sarola in Hansi-Butana link canal passing through Cheeka area, canal embankments have been broken in Rasulpur-Prempura village on Saraswati drain. So far 22 thousand acres of crops have been submerged in Guhla area.

The bridge connecting Haryana with Himachal at Ranjitpur on Bilaspur Road in Yamunanagar has been damaged. The entry of heavy vehicles has been stopped on this. Only two-wheelers are being evacuated by putting up police barricades. In Karnal, 27 villages have been affected by the floods and 11 villages have been cut off from the district. The Karnal-Gangoh interstate road is closed. Normally two to 10 thousand cusecs of water remains. It was one lakh 30 thousand cusecs on Wednesday, which has been almost half since Tuesday.

Ambala to Una-Saharanpur and Kaithal to Punjab still closed

Chandigarh and Bathinda route has been opened in Ambala. Now the administration is preparing to open Una and Saharanpur road. Apart from Ambala and Chandigarh in Kaithal, connectivity with Patiala in Punjab has been cut off. Contact with 50 villages in Cheeka and Samana and Patiala areas on the Punjab border has been cut off. The Hisar-Chandigarh National Highway in Kaithal is closed beyond Pehowa. Also, the Kaithal-Patiala highway has been completely closed. Here roadways have closed the routes of many districts of Uttar Pradesh besides Jammu-Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Buses going to Chandigarh are also going till Ambala.

Eight died due to floods and rains

On Wednesday, eight people died in the state due to floods and rains. Bodies of six people drowned in flood water were found at different places in Ambala. Apart from this, one person died due to electrocution. 24-year-old Satish Kumar died due to electrocution while removing goods from flood water in Gaddha Colony of Basantpur village, Faridabad.