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Government's disaster management on lathicharge death; Said - found unconscious, statement in the released video

Pankaj Prasad
BJP Leader death from lathicharge
BJP Leader death from lathicharge

Four deaths are rumored in the lathicharge-stampede during Bharatiya Janata Party's assembly march in Patna, though one is confirmed.

The Bharatiya Janata Party's assembly march turned bloody on Thursday with questions on the promise of 10 lakh government jobs along with protest against not removing Tejashwi Yadav from the post of Deputy CM despite Bihar's new teacher recruitment manual and charge sheet being filed. Tear gas shells, water cannons and indiscriminate lathi charge led to stampede several times. Many leaders had their hands and legs broken due to lathi blows and falling in the stampede. Many are admitted in the hospital. Jehanabad BJP leader died. Instead of telling on whose orders the police became violent, the officers kept doing disaster management to save the face of the state government.

See what they did by not confirming the death

When the news of the death of Jehanabad resident BJP leader Vijay Singh reached his house, there was chaos there. The BJP leaders who were with Vijay Singh were with him while he was alive and also at the time of his death. By the time the post-mortem arrived, the news was informed at home. Many senior BJP leaders reached out to console the family members of Vijay Singh, but the government spent hours in confirming the death. After repeated questions from the media, the district administration and the police gave two lines of questionable information when the death had already taken place. Understand how suspicious it is by looking at the information given by him - “A person from Jehanabad, Mr. Vijay Singh was found unconscious on the roadside in Chhajjubagh. There is no injury mark on the body. He has been admitted to PMCH. Further details are being obtained.”

This video was released after suspicious messages

The information that he was found unconscious on the roadside is suspicious in itself, because along with the BJP leaders, the family members also said that Vijay Singh had come from Jehanabad to join the BJP march. This message came after the news of his death spread. About an hour and a half later, a video statement of an elderly person was released in the hospital. Bharat Prasad Chandravanshi, a resident of Nizamuddinpur, Jehanabad, is saying in this video – “We were about to go to the function. Before leaving there was a stampede and he fell down. The fall may have caused a head injury. We took him to a private hospital. There the machine was taken, but no response was received. From there an ambulance was brought to PMCH. BJP leader Shailesh Mahajan said that the officials took this video statement to the media because in it the elders of Jehanabad are saying that they were leaving. What does "were leaving and there was a stampede before leaving"? Somewhere in Patna, there is a stampede on the road like that? The people of the state have seen the video of the lathicharge and also the people injured in the stampede. Is the government trying to justify this murder in another way?