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Shakira is caught dating again with an NBA star in London. And Lewis Hamilton?

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Shakira is caught dating again with an NBA star in London And Lewis Hamilton
Shakira is caught dating again with an NBA star in London And Lewis Hamilton

Shakira again reignited rumors of an alleged romance with an NBA Miami Heat star while in London

Once again Shakira is in the eye of the hurricane because she was seen with a supposed new lover, and he is not the famous pilot of Formula One, Lewis Hamilton


Shakira was seen going to dinner with basketball player and NBA star Jimmy Butler, with whom she had also been previously linked.

Remember that the singer of “Antología” went to London, England, to work on new music and at the same time took the opportunity to be present at the Great Britain Prix.

Race in which he apparently inspired behind the wheel of Mercedes, who despite some setbacks managed to get on the podium.

Even after the race, various reports indicated that both the singer and the pilot were together a few days ago, as they spent the night in a nightclub in the English capital. Although this encounter caused them to start running the rumors of a possible romance, now he was seen with the basketball player.

Does Shakira really have an affair with a Miami Heat star?

It turns out that the famous Daily Mail newspaper was in charge of publicizing images of Shakira leaving the same restaurant as Jimmy Butler, basketball player for the Miami Heat.

According to said British outlet, the performer from Barranquilla, Colombia, and the 33-year-old athlete, they enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Novikov Restaurant & Bar located in central London, thus rekindling speculation that they are having an affair.

It is known that Shakira is preparing new music. What is unknown at the moment is the reason that Butler was in the British capital, which is why the rumors of a romance are increasing more and more.

When was Shakira linked to Jimmy Butler?

Various international media unleashed rumors that the 46-year-old South American artist was in a relationship with the professional basketball player.

After he was seen assisting in various games of the Miami Heat, where they would have met and become very close according to the Spanish press. Well, they even insisted that they had an affair.

Well, as with Buttler, he has also visited Lewis on several occasions during his Formula 1 careers, so now many are wondering who is the person who stole the Colombian's heart or if they are just friends.