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Iran: Iran did not change despite anti-hijab protests, moral police resumed with strict rules

Pankaj Prasad
Anti hijab protests in Iran
Anti hijab protests in Iran

In Iran, a woman named Mahsa Amini was arrested by the same moral police for not wearing a hijab and later died in custody.

Anti-hijab protests in Iran have made headlines around the world. Hundreds of people died during these protests, many were sentenced to death and thousands were imprisoned. However, despite these nationwide protests, there has been no change in the Iranian government's stance on the hijab, and the Iranian government has resumed moral policing.

Gasht-e-Ershad police will patrol

According to Iranian law, which is based on Sharia law, women are required to cover their heads with a burqa and wear a long, loose-fitting garment called a hijab. To ensure that women follow these rules and wear clothes according to the law, a force has been formed in Iran, which is called Gasht-e-Ershad. This force started ethical policing for the first time in the year 2006.

About 10 months ago, a woman named Mehsa Amini in Iran was arrested by the same moral police for not wearing a hijab and later died in custody. It was alleged that Mahsa Amini was severely beaten in custody, which led to her death. This led to nationwide protests against the government in Iran. Due to the protests, the government of Iran had banned the patrolling of Gasht-e-Ershad. Now after 10 months of protests it has been started again.

How does Gasht-e-Ershad work?

The personnel of this force patrol different areas of the country on foot or in vehicles. During this, if any woman is seen not wearing hijab or in wrong clothes, then the soldiers of this force warn that woman first. If the woman still does not follow the law, then legal action is taken against her. These forces are armed by the government of Iran and they also have detention centers, where after arrest, women are kept in those detention centers and they are 'taught' to follow all Sharia law including hijab.