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USA: Thousands of emails containing intelligence information of the US Army got into the hands of Russia ally country

Pankaj Prasad
Pentagon US military
Pentagon US military

US military information have been accessed by the West African country of Mali.

Thousands of emails containing sensitive US military information have been accessed by the West African country of Mali. This has been revealed by quoting media reports. It has been told in the report that important information has been leaked due to a mistake in the name of the domain. The information that has been leaked includes US diplomatic documents, tax return information, travel details of top officials, etc.

How did it go wrong

According to media reports, the US military uses the 'MIL' domain name but mistakenly typed only 'ML' in the domain name while sending mail, causing all the sensitive information to reach Mali because Mali's domain name is 'ML'. Significantly, Mali is an ally of Russia. In such a situation, this leak related to the US Army can also become a cause of trouble for America.

Sensitive information leaked for many years

According to media reports, the incident of leaking sensitive information has not happened even once. For the first time, about a decade ago, such sensitive information of the US military reached Mali, since then many incidents have happened. This has been disclosed by a Dutch Internet businessman, Johannes Gerbeyer. In fact, only Gerber manages the domain of Mali. Since January 2023, about one lakh seventeen thousand emails related to sensitive information of the US military have reached the domain of Mali. About one thousand such emails have been sent on Wednesday itself.

What did the Pentagon say on the leak

Johannes Gerbeyer has given this information to the American authorities. Along with this, the White House has also been told about it. In a leaked email this year, information related to the visit of US Army Chief of Staff General James McConville was leaked. US Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Commander Tim Gorman said in a statement on these incidents that he is aware of the situation and is taking all necessary steps to stop it.