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Israel: PM Netanyahu hospitalized amid protests against judicial reform bill, will undergo surgery

Pankaj Prasad
Protests against judicial reform bill in Israel
Protests against judicial reform bill in Israel

A large number of protesters took out a rally against the judicial reform bill in Israel.

A large number of protesters took out a rally against the judicial reform bill in Israel. There has already been a ruckus on the judicial reform bill. A final vote on the bill will be held early next week. Protesters have set up a tent city near the Knesset.

This is the whole matter

Demonstrators protested in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, rallying against the judicial change. Police arrested four protesters. According to Israeli media, the Netanyahu government has come up with a proposal to reform the country's judicial system, following which demonstrations were held on Saturday. After the implementation of the bill, the government will get the right to appoint judges. The bill needs to pass an additional two votes to become law.

According to some media reports, the country is divided into two circles because of the bill. The bill has sparked one of the largest protest movements in Israel's history.

Threat to democracy

People allege against the Netanyahu government that the government's plan is an attack on the country's investigation system. They believe that this step of the government will put democracy in danger. Sheila Katz, head of the National Council of Jewish Women, said some time ago that this is not about judicial reform, this is about democracy. Courts are sacred. Courts are there to protect the rights of the people, so the court should be kept away from politics.

These will be provisions in the judicial reform policy

According to media reports, the Court's powers will be significantly reduced under the Netanyahu government's judicial reform policy. Under the scheme, any decision of the court can now be changed in the Parliament through a majority. The court will not be able to review the laws made by the Parliament. Since Netanyahu has a majority in the Israeli Parliament, he is able to overturn any court decision.

PM Netanyahu hospitalized

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is undergoing the process of having a pacemaker fitted. The PM's office gave this information in the early hours of Sunday. Netanyahu's office said the Israeli prime minister would be sedated. A top deputy, Justice Minister Yariv Levin, was to stand in his place. The procedure comes a week after Netanyahu was hospitalized due to dehydration by his office.