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Forests of Greece are burning: the plane collided with the tree while extinguishing the fire, crashed; two pilots died

Pankaj Prasad
Greece Air Force fire fighting plane crash
Greece Air Force fire fighting plane crash

Greece is facing its worst heat wave in decades. A fire broke out in the forests of the island of Evia on Sunday.

Greece is facing its worst heat wave in decades. Because of this, there has been a fierce fire in the forests here. Meanwhile, a fire-fighting plane of the Greek Air Force crashed on Tuesday while extinguishing a forest fire on the island of Evia. This resulted in the death of two pilots on board the aircraft.

A video of this incident has also been shared on social media. CL-215 showed the aircraft spraying water on the island of Evia. A portion of the aircraft got entangled in a tree branch. He crashed shortly afterwards. The fire department said the fire broke out on Sunday in the forests of the island of Evia. The plane was helping to extinguish it, but it crashed near Platanisto, a village in Evia. Spokesman Yanis Artopios said that two people were killed in the incident. Let me tell you, at least three aircraft have been engaged to extinguish the fierce fire on Avia. More than 100 firefighters are engaged there.

Search operation running

According to the statement issued by the Air Force of Greece, the Canadair CL 215 raining plane has crashed. The incident took place on Tuesday at 2.52 pm. A search operation was conducted after the incident, after which it was found that the pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft have died.

35,000 hectares of forest burnt

There is severe heat in Greece, due to which the forests here are coming in the grip of fire. Due to this people's life has become busy. The fire has taken such a severe form that all the residential areas have also come under the grip. Thousands of people have left the island of Rhodes. At the same time, tourists are running here and there to avoid the fire. According to WWF Greece, 35,000 hectares (86,500 acres) of forest and other land have been scorched by fires in the country in the past week alone. According to the Meteorological Department, the heat is expected to reach 41 degrees Celsius in the capital Athens and 44 degrees Celsius in central Greece.

People leaving their homes in large numbers

Firefighters are engaged to control the fire in the Rhodes forest and to evacuate people safely. Evacuation by land and sea continues. In such a situation, it is being said that this is the first time in Greece that such a large number of people have had to leave their homes due to forest fires. Let us tell you, Rhodes is considered to be the most popular place in Greece, where people from Britain, German and France come to spend their holidays.

Let's know what has happened with the fire in the forests of Greece so far-

Incidents of fire are also coming to the fore on other Greek islands. A forest fire has raged on Evia, Greece's second largest island off the east coast of central Greece.

Corfu, another favorite island for foreign tourists, was also battling its own wildfires.

According to media reports, people are being evacuated by sea to a safer place in the northeast of the island. Here six Coast Guard ships and seven private boats are engaged in this work. At the moment, 59 people were evacuated from the beach.

The fire has been burning in Rhodes for about a week. Winds gusting up to 49 kilometers (31 miles) per hour here are making it difficult to control the fire.

According to a Greek police officer, this is the biggest fire evacuation ever in Greece. 30,000 people at risk of forest fire have been evacuated to safer places.

Officials evacuated 16,000 people by land. At the same time, 3,000 people had to be evacuated by sea.

German travel giant Tui has suspended all its incoming passenger flights to Rhodes. However, it has been decided to send an empty plane to help in the safe evacuation of the tourists.

British carrier Jet2 has also canceled all flights to the island.

Officials warned that it could take several days to bring the blaze under control. However, more than 260 fire brigade personnel are engaged to bring the blaze under control.

Croatia, France, Slovakia and Turkey are also helping to rescue people.

Greece's foreign ministry and embassies set up a station at Rhodes airport to help tourists.