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Asteroid: Disaster coming towards the earth at a speed of 47 thousand km! NASA issued a warning

Pankaj Prasad
Asteroid collision with earth
Asteroid collision with earth

These days asteroids are continuously passing by the earth.

Space is full of many mysteries. Many such incidents happen in space, which are considered a threat to the earth. Asteroid has also been considered a threat to the earth for a long time. According to scientists, if an asteroid collides with the earth, then there can be a big catastrophe. It is said that once there was a collision between the earth and the asteroid, after which the dinosaurs were destroyed from the earth.

Although many times the possibility of asteroid collision with the earth was expressed by scientists, but such an incident never happened. These days asteroids are continuously passing by the earth. Now once again astronomers have warned that a giant meteorite ie Asteroid is moving towards the Earth, which may collide with the Earth's orbit next week. Let us know what the scientists have warned?

According to the US space agency NASA, the size of this giant asteroid is equal to the Shanghai Tower. The Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in the world. This asteroid will collide with the Earth's orbit next week on August 4.

According to a media report, scientists have named this asteroid QL433, which is moving rapidly from the Earth. It passes through the Earth once in three years. Earlier in the year 2020, it had also passed near the earth in July. The speed of the meteorite named QL433 is about 47,232 kilometers per hour.

How much danger to the earth?

According to a report, this asteroid has been classified as a potentially dangerous asteroid. This means that such an asteroid can come close to the earth. However, this does not mean that the giant asteroid will collide with the earth. NASA is keeping an eye on this asteroid.

Know what is an asteroid

A meteorite or an asteroid is called an asteroid. During the formation of a planet, small pieces of rock come out from it and start orbiting the Sun. Sometimes it happens that they go out of their class. Asteroids usually burn up in planetary orbit, but larger asteroids occasionally collide with planets. Asteroids have collided with the Earth as well.