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Muzaffarpur Girls Home Case: CBI registers new FIR, know what is the whole matter

Pankaj Prasad
Muzaffarpur Girls Home Case
Muzaffarpur Girls Home Case

The big news is about the Muzaffarpur shelter home incident in Bihar.

The big news is about the Muzaffarpur shelter home incident in Bihar. CBI has registered a new FIR in this case today. According to the information received from the CBI, Rani Kumari alias Pushpa, who was physically and mentally challenged, living in the shelter home, was handed over to her father, Rajkumar Paswan, a resident of Sukulakhpia village, Barkagaon block, Ambajit Panchayat, Hazaribagh district, on 10/11/2015 and was handed over to his wife. This action was taken on behalf of Mansi Samandar, President of CWC Child Welfare Committee of Sitamarhi district and Renu Kumari Singh, member.

Rani Kumari was handed over to her parents on the basis of the copy of the order signed by both of them, that too after the identification done by the head of her village, Nathuni. However, when the investigation was done, it came to light that the voter ID card of the person who told Rani Kumari as his daughter and his wife was fake. Not only this, the head of Sukulakhpiya village who identified these two was also fake.

There was no such person in that village. Not only this, the copy of the order issued by Sitamarhi District's CWC i.e. Child Welfare Committee President Mansi Samandar and member Renu Kumari Singh was also fake. When the real father of the queen complained to the Bihar government, then the Bihar government took this whole matter very seriously and then the Bihar government wrote a letter to the Government of India on March 23, 2023, to get the matter re-investigated separately by the CBI.

Accepting this appeal, the Government of India issued a notification on 18/7/23 asking the CBI to investigate the matter. In the light of this notification, CBI has registered this FIR on Saturday afternoon and now the investigation of this matter will start. According to a CBI official, a case was registered by the CBI on July 28, 2018, in the Muzaffarpur shelter home rape case in Bihar. During the investigation in the same case, a charge sheet was also filed in the special CBI court in Patna on 31 May 2018, on the basis of which 21 accused were made accused and several key accused were arrested.

If we talk about the beginning of this matter, it was first disclosed by the Tata Institute of Social Science on 26 May 2018 and in its report itself, for the first time, the case of cruelty with minor girls in the shelter home was brought to the fore, only after that After the Bihar government's approval on July 26, 2018, the Central Investigation Agency CBI had registered the case.