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TTP-Al-Qaeda may merge, new terrorist attacks will increase in Asia, UN report scares

Pankaj Prasad
TTP Al Qaeda merge
TTP Al Qaeda merge

Training camps are being run by various terrorist groups in Kunar province of Afghanistan and TTP terrorists are using these camps.

A report submitted to the UN Security Council has claimed that the terrorist group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) may seek a merger with the terrorist group Al Qaeda to create an organization that will give shelter to all active terrorist groups in South Asia.

The report noted that some UN member-states have raised concerns that the TTP would "provide an umbrella for many foreign-operated groups, or even those that band together to evade Taliban control efforts".

“One member state has pointed out the possibility of a merger of Al Qaeda and TTP. According to news agency ANI and Dawn, the report said that it has been assessed that Al Qaeda is guiding TTP for increasing attacks inside Pakistan.

TTP looking to regain control of Pakistan territory

The UN committee, which monitors terrorist activities around the world, also supported Pakistan's complaint that the TTP, which is banned in the country, continues to make a big impact after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The report highlights the concern for Pakistan, in fact training camps are being run by various terrorist groups in Kunar province of Afghanistan and TTP terrorists are using these camps. Taking cognizance of Pakistan's complaints, the report further said, "With several breakaway groups coming together and fueled by the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the TTP is seeking to re-establish control of Pakistan territory."

The report says that TTP's ambition does not match its assessment, as it does not control the areas and does not have much influence in the tribal areas.

Taliban spokesperson called the report false

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid dismissed the report as 'false' “The report of the Security Council says that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has links with the Al-Qaeda organization, it is not true. Al-Qaeda organization has no presence in Afghanistan and these reports are completely false. Mujahid said in a tweet, the Islamic Emirate does not allow anyone to use the soil of Afghanistan against the security of any other country.

Ties between Taliban, Al-Qaeda and TTP strengthen

This report was submitted to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on 25 July. The report also claimed that there are other terrorist groups within Afghanistan which are using TTP as a cover for operations. The report also states that the distinction between al-Qaeda, the Khorasan wing of the Islamic State, the TTP and other terrorist groups is "blurred", as fighters "have affiliations with more than one group" and "people have a tendency to do so". tend “to gravitate towards a dominant or emerging power”. It should be noted that a separate report by the UN Sanctions Monitoring Team states that “the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the Tehrik-e-Taliban The relationship between the two Pakistan (TTP) remains strong and symbiotic." Not only this, many terrorist groups have more freedom of maneuver under the de facto authority of the Taliban.

How many terrorists are active

According to Dawn, the report said that around 20 terrorist groups are active in the country and they intend to spread their influence in the regions with the aim of promoting religious quasi-state institutions. Not only this, at least 400 Al Qaeda fighters are present in Afghanistan. Of which at least 30 to 60 are important members of Al Qaeda, as far as the Indian subcontinent is concerned, there are about 200 fighters present here.