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Gyanvapi Survey: Controversy ensued when the Imam caught the tape, objection to the Hindu side

Pankaj Prasad
Gyanvapi ASI Survey
Gyanvapi ASI Survey

The Hindu side alleged that the Imam was seen helping in the survey. The Imam had caught the tape at the time of measurement.

There was a dispute on Tuesday during the survey in Gyanvapi. The Hindu side alleged that the Imam was seen helping in the survey. The Imam had caught the tape at the time of measurement. On the other hand, the Anjuman Intejamia Masjid Committee is calling it an unnecessary controversy. SM Yasin, joint secretary of the committee, said that the member of the survey team had asked the Imam to hold the tape. This information should be taken from the members of the survey team.

The survey continued on the sixth day in Gyanvapi. The ASI team has investigated the basement on the south side. Evidence has been collected after cleaning. Survey has been done around the western wall. Information was gathered by installing machines in the foundation and adjacent areas. The team is collecting evidence, but not giving any information to either the Hindu or the Muslim side. Both sides are cooperating in the survey.

Meanwhile, the case of the Imam holding the lace, who was present with the ASI team, came to the fore. The Hindu side objected to this and the ASI team is probing every nook and corner of the premises. If needed, more experts should be roped in for the survey. It is not right to take help from someone. On the other hand, the Joint Secretary of the Masjid Committee says that the Imam is helping in the survey. There should be an inquiry as to how the case of Imam's tape-catching came to the fore.

Masjid committee is cooperating, deployment of four

Advocates of Anjuman Intejamia Masjid Committee did not turn up during the survey on Tuesday. SM Yasin, Joint Secretary, Masajid Committee said that no need of advocates is being felt in the survey. Haji Iqbal, Javed Iqbal, Ejaz Mohammad and Shamsher Ali have been present with the survey team on behalf of the committee. The advocate will be sent as soon as it is required.

ASI's survey is satisfactory. Whatever cooperation is sought, it is being given. The survey team is probing deeply towards the western wall. The matter of factless reporting has been brought to the notice of the court. There is a hearing on this on Wednesday. Earlier, strictness was also demanded from the district administration. The plaintiff side is expected to exercise restraint. This matter is sensitive. The survey is going on on the orders of the court. Have to wait for the results.