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US: Fierce fire broke out in the forests of Hawaii, further fueled by the cyclone; 6 died in flames, Biden sent army

Pankaj Prasad
Fire broke out in forests of Hawaii
Fire broke out in forests of Hawaii

There is a fierce fire in the forests of Maui located in Hawaii, USA.

There is a fierce fire in the forests of Maui located in Hawaii, USA. How fast the fire is, it can be gauged from the fact that six people have lost their lives by getting trapped in the flames while evacuating people. Not only this, a large part of the historic towns of the island have been destroyed by the fire. The wildfires caused major damage to tourist sites in the town of Lahaina. According to the US Meteorological Department, Cyclone Dora is also responsible for the rapid outbreak of this forest fire in Hawaii, whose strong winds have spread the fire very rapidly.

President Joe Biden has also sent central help to prevent loss of life and property due to this fierce fire in Hawaii. It has been told that along with the US Army, the Coast Guard and Navy have also been deployed for the rescue. Black Hawk helicopters have been provided to control the fire from the Marines.

Apart from this, the National Guards of Hawaii are currently using Chinook helicopters to evacuate people safely. US President Biden has said that the Department of Transportation is coordinating to get people out of the island and the help of commercial airlines is also being taken in this.

How is the current situation?

New fires have broken out in Lahaina, Pulehu and Upcountry in Maui, Hawaii. Due to this, firefighters are facing a lot of trouble in the area. About 2100 people have been evacuated from here and kept in four emergency shelters. Apart from this, about two thousand people who came for tourism were stopped at Kahului Airport itself. The Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu is also being prepared for the rest of the rescuers. Here arrangements have been made to keep 4000 people who were forced to leave their homes due to the fire.