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Blood Test: Girl suffering from dengue needs rare blood, people are surprised to hear 'Bombay blood group'

Pankaj Prasad
Bombay Blood Group Donor
Bombay Blood Group Donor

Almost all major government-private hospitals of Patna including AIIMS could not cross-match the blood of a needy girl child for donation, because there is not a single donor here.

She is 14 years old. Parents never felt the need to check her blood, because she had never fallen ill like this. In Rohtas, when he was diagnosed with dengue, a cross-match was done by taking a sample for blood transfusion. There was no match with any of the samples from the mentioned O positive group. Running to save lives, the family members reached Patna AIIMS on Tuesday. The same night at around 2 o'clock the report came that O positive blood would have to be transfused here. There was no match with the O positive sample of AIIMS. There was no O positive blood in PMCH. There was no match even in the Red Cross. After this there was no solution even in many private hospitals. In order to avoid many places, Maa Blood Center located in Dariapur was sent. A strange thing happened here. Retired in-charge of PMCH Blood Bank, Dr. UP Sinha, while examining with chemicals, suddenly shouted in surprise – Bombay blood group! Matching is impossible here. There are 400 donors of this rarest of rare blood group in the whole country. There is none in Bihar. Someone mentioned on social media that blood was available in a blood bank, although according to relatives, this sample had returned from there too without a match.

People were surprised when they started looking for a donor

Most of the people do not know about this group. All the doctors may have read, but never got brought up. When Mukesh Hisaria, popularly known as 'Blood Man', started searching for its donor on social media, questions started pouring in from all over the country. But, started with the collective efforts of the common people, the entire team of Maa Blood Center parallelly engaged in arranging blood for the needy girl child. The search for Bombay blood group blood was first done in Mumbai itself and success was also achieved. When the girl's father was told, he started crying with the hope that now his daughter would be saved. There is four percent blood and there is danger to life due to dengue. He was told late night that blood (PRBC) would reach from Mumbai on Friday to save his daughter.

Risk of such blood group in certain people

Blood will come from Mumbai later this afternoon

Dr. UP Sinha of Maa Blood Center said- β€œIt is not easy to identify it, that's why matches were made with other groups everywhere. The group came to know with great difficulty. This is the second case that has come to my mind in Bihar. Three-four years back, PMCH had ordered the blood of this group with the help of some organization. This time, when the case reached Maa Blood Center due to non-availability of cross-match from AIIMS and everywhere, the group was investigated here because of its formula being known. Seeing the Bombay blood group or HH blood group, it was confirmed that there are no donors in Bihar, hence Mumbai was moved. Blood will come to Patna on Friday afternoon. For this, the paperwork under the Drug and Cosmetic Act has been completed and sent by Maa Blood Center."