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Manipur: Attempt to force entry of head hunter in Kuki-Meitei violence, this third front may prove fatal

Pankaj Prasad
Kuki Meitei violence
Kuki Meitei violence

Out of about five thousand deadly weapons looted in the state, only 1250 weapons have been recovered so far.

The ongoing violence in Manipur since May 3 is not taking the name of stopping. More than 160 people have lost their lives, while more than 60 thousand people have taken shelter in other places. Till now this conflict is between the people of Meitei and Kuki community. Now efforts are being made to forcibly enter the head hunters i.e. 'Nagas' in this. According to a security forces official, there have been attempts to commit such incidents near Naga-dominated areas in Manipur, due to which the 'Naga' community also jumped into violence as a third front. Some such efforts are also being made to increase the distance between the 'Kuki and Naga' communities. A day before, three village guards were killed in village Thauvai Kuki in Ukhrul district. This village of Kuki tribals is adjacent to 'Tangkhul' controlled by the people of Naga tribe. The conspiracy that is being told behind this attack is that the question should arise in the mind of the Kuki community that this attack has not happened from the Naga side.

1,250 looted weapons recovered in Manipur

Out of about five thousand deadly weapons looted in the state, only 1250 weapons have been recovered so far. This means that about 4,000 weapons are available with the people. Automatic weapons have been used in the attack in Thauvai Kuki village. On August 3 also, 500 miscreants looted more than 400 lethal weapons from the headquarters of India Reserve Battalion 'IRB' 2 located at Narsena in Bishnupur district. The miscreants also looted more than 22000 bullets. These include AK rifle, X-caliber rifle, Ghatak rifle, 5.56 mm INSAS rifle, 5.56 mm INSAS LMG, SLR and MP-5 carbine and other weapons. In an unofficial Independence Day parade in Churachandpur, people displayed state-of-the-art weapons. Kuldeep Singh, Security Advisor to the Government of Manipur, has called for a report from DC and SP in this matter. Strict action will be taken against the accused, he said. Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi has said that there can be no peace in Manipur until the 6,000 looted weapons are recovered. Those weapons are being used against common people in the state.

People of 'Naga' tribe have demonstrated...

Tamenglong, Chandel, Ukhrul and Senapati districts in Manipur are considered to be the areas dominated by Naga tribes. Thousands of people from the Naga community have demonstrated in the past. In fact, in the present circumstances of Manipur, the Naga community has started to consider itself insecure. Ever since the violence started there, the news is spreading that the government may make a separate administrative arrangement for the Kuki community in some areas of the mountain. Due to this fear, the people of the Naga community have conveyed this message to the Central Government through their demonstration that whatever separate administrative system is prepared for the hilly districts of Manipur, the interests of the 'Naga' community should not be affected in any way. Should be Do not hurt the sentiments of the Naga community, which is going on with the Center for the peace process. On the other hand, after the violence, the demand for a separate administrative system in the Kuki areas is increasing. After the violence, a line has been drawn on the basis of community not only among the people but also in the government departments. Employees of other departments including police and revenue are divided among themselves. The hill districts, where Kuki and Naga communities have influence, the government's hold on them is no longer the same as before.

Why 'Naga' peace talks are at risk of damage

Peace talks with the central government of the 'Naga' community in Manipur are on. If the central government makes a separate administrative arrangement for the people of the Kuki tribe, then the 'Naga' community is seeing the danger of weakening its interests. As soon as the Kuki community demanded to implement a separate administrative system for itself, the people of the Naga community also became aware. He also conveyed his message to Delhi through demonstrations. Along with this, it was also given a message that if the interests of the Naga community are affected in such a new administrative system, the Naga peace talks which have reached the final stage may be derailed. In a memorandum sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the United Naga Council (UNC), the apex body of the Naga community in Manipur, NG Lorho has clearly stated that the government should keep in mind the 'Naga interest' while considering the demands of any community. Don't get affected. There should be no tampering with the land of Naga dominated areas. The government should not go away from the terms of the August 2015 agreement between the Government of India and the Isak-Muivah faction of the separatist organization NSCN-IM (National Socialist Council of Nagaland). Earlier in June, the MLAs of the Naga community met Union Home Minister Amit Shah and made their stand clear.

NSCN (I-M) has made this demand

The separatist group NSCN (I-M) supports 'Greater Nagalim'. These people demand that there should be a separate flag and constitution for the Naga community. The places where Nagas are settled in the North East should be integrated to form 'Greater Nagalim'. The central government will not accept this idea either. Reason being, it threatens to disturb the territorial integrity of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The conflict between the Naga and Kuki communities has been going on since time immemorial. Now there is peace between these communities. In the Manipur violence, there is now a deliberate attempt to bring the 'Naga' community between the Kuki and the Meitei. There have been some incidents of provocation through which attempts were made to incite violence between the people of the Naga and Kuki communities. In a letter to PM Modi, ten Kuki MLAs, out of which seven MLAs are from BJP. They say that separate administrative system should be implemented in five hilly districts. He should have a separate Chief Secretary and DGP. These districts include Churachandpur, Kangpokpi, Chandel, Tengnoupal and Ferjaul districts.

New front of conflict likely to open in North East

Amid the violence in Manipur, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) had in June expressed the possibility of new fronts of struggle opening up in the North East. For some reason, the warning of the 'head hunter' Nagas, who were looking calm, was very scary. It has been said in it that violence is being deliberately done in Manipur. This has to be stopped immediately, otherwise the entire North East may get scorched by this fire. Government of India should keep in mind that two neighboring countries Myanmar and China are becoming active in the midst of Manipur violence. After the Manipur violence, even those groups which have entered into agreements with the Government of India can become active again. The term head hunter has been used for the 'Naga' community in the North East. Decades ago, when Nagas used to be a part of any fight or war, it was said about them that these people were known to bring back the enemy's head. They used to attack the enemy and cut off his head. Everyone was afraid of him. Now the Nagas have started raising their voice in the ongoing struggle between 'Kuki and Meitei' in Manipur. In its letter issued by 'NSCN', it has been warned that the spark in the North East is buried, it has not died out. If the violence in Manipur does not end at the earliest, then it will not take long for the fire to reach Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram and many other parts.