Trump's threat to India, Said this as soon as he presented his candidacy for the post of President in the US

Pankaj Prasad
Former US President Donald Trump
Former US President Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump has threatened India. That after coming to power, he will impose taxes.

Former US President Donald Trump has once again raised the issue of high tax by India on some American products. He has threatened to tax India if he comes back to power next year.

Significantly, during his first term as the President of the US, Trump had described India as a tariff king. In May 2019, India's Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) was terminated citing that India did not give the United States equitable and fair access to its markets.

India imposes very high taxes

Trump said in an interview that he has drastically cut tax rates in India, whereas India imposes very high taxes here. He said that I want a uniform tax. India is far ahead in terms of taxation. This is clearly visible by looking at the tax on Harley Davidson motorcycles. He further said that I just want to ask how this can be done in a place like India? He said ohhhh..good sir. Why? Because India has 100 percent and 150 percent and 200 percent tariffs.

He sold without any tariff...

He said as I said, so that he can sell his Indian motorcycle. They make an Indian bike, which can be sold in our country with no tax, no tariff, but when you make a Harley and you ship it over there they are taxed high, because they weren't doing any business. He said that I want to ask how come you do not do business with India?

India is very big

He said the tariffs are so high that nobody wants it. But they want us to do this. They want us to go over there and build a plant and then you have no tariffs. Trump further said that he said that it is not good. This is not our deal. To this I said ok this is not our deal. After that I was very strict on them, but India is very big. Brazil is huge in terms of tariffs, I mean, very, very large. We had some people, like the senator from a place called Pennsylvania, who I really like. But this man was very dangerous.

Trump asked questions

He told that I said let me ask you a question. If India is charging us 200 per cent duty and we are not charging anything from them for the products, can we charge 100 per cent duty from them? To this he said, No sir, it is not free trade. Trump said that I further asked if we can charge him 50 percent? It was not said on this too, sir. Then I said twenty five, 10 or whatever? Got the same answer on this too, no.

You call it revenge

Trump said that I asked what is wrong with it? So it was said that something is wrong. You know what I'm talking about. The former US President said that if India is taxing us, then I also want the same. You guys can call it retaliation or whatever you want.