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Canada: Emergency imposed due to fire in British Columbia, cities evacuated, army deployed

Pankaj Prasad
Canada wildfires in British Columbia
Canada wildfires in British Columbia

The fire that broke out in the forests of the Canadian province of British Columbia has not yet been controlled.

The fire that broke out in the forests of the Canadian province of British Columbia has not yet been controlled. To control this fast-spreading fire, the Canadian government has now decided to deploy the army in the affected areas. Please tell that due to the fire, more than 35 thousand people have been evacuated from British Columbia province so far.

Government imposed emergency

To deal with the situation worsened by the fire, the British Columbia province government has imposed a state of emergency. This will give more powers to the officers and they will be able to try to control the fire in a better way. The fire first broke out in Kelowna, a city 300 km east of Vancouver, Canada. After this, fire broke out in the border areas of America and the Pacific Northwest areas of America. There are currently 380 fires burning across the province of British Columbia, of which 150 are out of control.

Army deployment orders

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has ordered the deployment of the army. Along with this, the government has appealed to the people to vacate the fire-affected areas so that rescue operations can be facilitated. It has also prohibited people from traveling to the fire-affected areas and flying drones to take pictures of the fire as it affects the work of the fire department staff. So far, information has not been given about how much property has been damaged by the fire.

Area equal to New York State devastated by fire

This is not the first incident of fire in Canada but it is the most severe fire incident so far. An area of about 1,40,000 square kilometers has been devastated by the fire so far. It is an area equal to the US state of New York. Along with the Canadian central government, 13 other countries are also helping the British Columbia government to control the fire. So far four firefighters have died in the line of duty. Due to dry conditions and strong winds, there is little hope of getting the fire under control soon.

A fire near the town of Yellowknife, British Columbia, is out of control and the government has evacuated the entire town as a precaution. 20 thousand people of the city have left the city and the whole city has become a ghost.