China is intent on making African countries Sri Lanka and Pakistan! This is how Dragon's port politics is going on

Pankaj Prasad
China Port Politics
China Port Politics

Foreign affairs experts believe that China is establishing its large network in poor African countries through its developmental and infrastructural road map.

The meeting of BRICS, a large economic group of five major countries of the world, has started in Johannesburg from Tuesday. Most of the discussion in this meeting is about the economic infiltration and port politics done by China in those countries of Africa, due to which China started trying to establish its hegemony in these countries. Analysts who closely monitor foreign affairs and China say that in the last few years, through 'port politics', China has not only pushed different countries of the world on the path of destruction, but has also strengthened their economy. Have taken possession. With this trick, China traps most of the poor countries of the world and gives maximum loans to them so that they become dependent on China in the conditions of recovery.

This is China's 'port politics'...

Foreign affairs experts believe that China is establishing its large network in poor African countries through its developmental and infrastructural road map. Defense affairs expert Colonel Arun Banerjee says that China has included the biggest model port politics in its infrastructural development model. Through this, it presents a big model of transportation in those poor countries and through it not only makes big investments in these countries, but also makes big business agreements directly. He says that in 2017, China started building a large port in the northern part of Brazil. Through this port, China linked itself with Brazil, but implicated Brazil in a major dispute with American countries.

China has ruined Sri Lanka

Foreign affairs and defense experts say that the countries in which China invests heavily, it adopts all tactics to maintain its strong hold on the economy there. Madhuresh Minhas, director of Afro Asian Development and Alliances, says that the way China made its investment in Sri Lanka's Hambantota and then gave so much loan to Sri Lanka that it was completely ruined. Similarly, China started investing heavily in Pakistan's Gwadar port. The result is in front of everyone that Pakistan is passing through at present. He says that if this strategy of China is understood properly, then it is clear that it not only shows business dreams to poor countries under big trade agreements through ports. Then later he gives so much loan to such countries that later those countries move forward on the path of destruction.

China Silkroad Company made big investment in Brazil...

Analysts tracking China's economic activities say that in the last 10 years, China has invested $134 billion in South Africa alone. Through this investment, China has entered into an agreement for cooperation in infrastructure, agriculture and renewable energy, including mines there. Researcher Anurag Shukla of Delhi University, who researches China's economy and foreign investment, says that even before 2012, China had invested money in about 38 major projects in Africa with an investment of about $ 800 million. Work started in the construction of highways and bridges including the big industrial corridor there. He says that in 2018, China signed a big deal with the Brazilian oil company Petrovas with China's Silkroad Fund Company. Anurag says that with this investment, China started the work of laying a gas pipeline in Brazil and along with it started giving huge loans.

Officials associated with the intelligence agency say that this is China's biggest strategy to set foot in another and weaker country. They say that China tries to trap countries in its trap in three ways. In this, China first selects those countries which are economically weakest. Then China extends a helping hand to those countries through its government to improve their economy. In the third and most important trick, he gives them different types of loans, not just more than their GDP. Rather, along with this, by interfering in the economy of those countries, in a way, it conspires to persuade these countries to follow their wishes.

China keeps an eye on the countries connected to the sea areas

Officials associated with the intelligence agency say that in the last few years, their analysis says that China has invested the most in those countries which are connected to the sea areas or are very close to the sea areas. He says that whether it is Sri Lanka, Pakistan or countries from East of China to South East including countries of Africa are included. China has more eyes in all these countries because it can directly reach the business activities of its country through the construction of ports in these countries. Delhi University Professor AP Singh says that it is through transportation that China deploys its intelligence agencies as well as people from other government institutions in those countries, along with establishing its large business network. Due to this, China also gets intelligence inputs in the surrounding countries.