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I.N.D.I.A.: Some parties participating in NDA meeting are in contact with us, will soon join, Congress's big claim

Pankaj Prasad
Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma
Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma

Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma has made a big claim on Sunday.

Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma has made a big claim on Sunday. He said four of the 38 parties that attended the BJP-led NDA meeting are in touch with the 'India' alliance. He also said that some of them would join the opposition camp in the coming days.

He also said that some important decisions will be taken in the upcoming meeting of 'India' to be held in Mumbai on September 1. Alok Sharma said, out of 38 parties participating in the meeting of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) headed by PM Narendra Modi, four to five parties are in touch with the 'India' alliance. Some of them are expected to join the opposition bloc very soon, while some will join before the 2024 elections. The NDA meeting was held in Delhi last month. 38 parties took part in it.

'Together it is important to remove the arrogant government'

Congress spokesperson Sharma did not give a direct answer to a question whether the Congress would lead the tripartite Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) in Maharashtra. "Looking at the current situation in the country, it is not important who will lead, but how we all together can remove this arrogant government," he said.

'Congress will work as a strong force in all states'

Anyone can lead in different states and regions, but the Congress will act as a strong force in all states to unite everyone in the country, the Congress spokesperson said. The year 2024 belongs to 'India'.

Asked PM Modi - When will the investigation of corruption be done?

He said, 'I want to ask Prime Minister Modi that when will he get the CBI and ED probe into the recent report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) and corruption in the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and health and insurance sectors.'

'Rahul Gandhi's family-like relationship with the people of Amethi'

Asked whether Rahul Gandhi would seek re-election from Amethi in 2024, Sharma said the Gandhi family has traditionally fought in this Lok Sabha constituency and has family-like relations with the local people. He said, 'The people of Amethi always wanted someone from the Gandhi family to contest from there. Rahul Gandhi and his family will decide who will contest from Amethi. No official decision has been taken on this aspect.

'If the block level leader of Congress also contests the election...'

In the 2019 elections, BJP candidate Smriti Irani defeated Rahul Gandhi of Congress from the Amethi seat. Sharma said, "It is certain that even if the block-level president of the Congress contests from Amethi, Irani will lose."