Neeraj Chopra became world champion by defeating Pakistani player, won hearts by calling Arshad Nadeem for photo

Pankaj Prasad
Neeraj Chopra and Arshad Nadeem
Neeraj Chopra and Arshad Nadeem

While Neeraj won the gold, Arshad Nadeem won the silver with a throw of 87.82 metres.

India's star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has created history. This player, who won gold in the 2022 Olympics, has now won gold in the World Athletics Championships as well. Neeraj did wonders in the javelin throw event on Sunday (August 27) in Budapest, Hungary. He targeted the gold medal with a throw of 88.17m. Neeraj became the champion by defeating Pakistan player Arshad Nadeem in the final.

Arshad Nadeem won the silver medal with a throw of 87.82m. At the same time, Jakub Vedlech of Czech Republic targeted the bronze medal with the best throw of 86.67 meters. Neeraj was accompanied by two other Indian players DP Manu and Kishore Jena in the final. Kishor finished fifth with a best throw of 84.77m while DP Manu finished sixth with a best throw of 84.14m.

This is how Neeraj won hearts

After the match, Neeraj once again won the hearts of the fans with his special style. Forgetting the bitterness of the match, he called for Arshad for the photo. Shook hands with him and hugged him. Then stood together on the podium. During this, Jakub Vedlech of the Czech Republic was also present there.