Russia-Ukraine War: Great success for Ukraine in the battlefield! Robotine claims to expel Russian army

Pankaj Prasad
Russia Ukraine War
Russia Ukraine War

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been over a year and a half.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been over a year and a half. Meanwhile, while Russia is trying to strengthen its hold on the occupied territory, Ukraine is trying to retaliate and free its territories from the occupation of the Russian army. Ukraine has also got success in this endeavour. The Ukrainian army claimed on Monday that it had liberated the town of Robotyn, located in the southeast, from Russian forces.

Ukraine says it is pushing further south after expelling Russian forces from the region after more than two months of conflict. The Ukrainian army said its troops raised its flag in the strategically important village of Robotyn last week and shared video of the incident. After this, the soldiers launched a campaign to find Russian soldiers in the entire village and established control over the entire area.

Robotine is an important area for Ukraine

Robotine is said to be located on the strategically important road leading to Tokmak, just 10 km from Orikhiv in the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya region. Russia has control over the roads and rail network of this entire region. In this context, this campaign of Ukraine was very important.

If the Ukrainian army recovers the Tokmak during this operation, it will be a major blow to the Russian army. Actually, the soldiers of Ukraine are marching towards the Azov Sea, pushing the Russian army towards the south. This could pose a danger of splitting the Russian army into two.