US: Joe Biden's wife corona infected before coming to India for G-20, this update on the President's health

Pankaj Prasad
US President Joe Biden and Jill Biden
US President Joe Biden and Jill Biden

America's First Lady Jill Biden is currently experiencing mild symptoms.

US President Joe Biden has made preparations to participate in the G-20 summit. He is going to go to India soon. Meanwhile, America's first lady Jill Biden has been found COVID-19 positive.

White House told

Jill Biden is currently experiencing mild symptoms. This information has been given by the White House. It is being told that she is living at her home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

The President will be examined daily

At the same time, after the First Lady came positive, President Joe Biden was also tested for Covid-19. His report came negative. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the president would be regularly tested and monitored for symptoms.

Bilateral meeting of Modi-Biden

It is noteworthy that during the 'G-20' summit, there may be a meeting between PM 'Narendra Modi' and US President 'Joe Biden'. According to sources, there may be a bilateral meeting between Modi-Biden on September 8 before the G-20 summit. Apart from this, on September 9, when the heads of state or government of various countries will formally meet in the conference, PM Modi and Biden can meet for an hour. This will be the time when the President or Prime Minister of other countries will have left for their hotel from Pragati Maidan.

Security arrangements are being made

Sources say, security arrangements are also being made for this meeting. Actually, 'G20' summit is to be held on 9th and 10th September. A maximum time of 40 minutes has been fixed to reach Rajghat and Pragati Maidan from the hotel. According to this time schedule, all the Presidents and Prime Ministers will reach Pragati Maidan and Rajghat from the hotel. Reaching back to Pragati Maidan from Rajghat, this route will also be within about 40 minutes. This means that the movement of all foreign guests will be completed in this schedule. There will be no breakers of any kind on the roads. This is the reason that all the guests will reach the venue and Rajghat from their respective hotels under the same schedule.