Vinay Srivastava Murder: Union Minister's relative had murdered BJP worker Vinay, 'Thar' and land...

Pankaj Prasad
Vinay Srivastava Murder Case
Vinay Srivastava Murder Case

A sensational revelation has come to light in the murder case of BJP worker Vinay Srivastava.

A big revelation has come to light in the murder case of BJP worker Vinay Srivastava. The person whom the police had termed as the main accused, Ankit Verma, and claimed to have shot Vinay, is a relative of Union Minister Kaushal Kishore. He is the son of the minister's sister-in-law. Means cousin of Vikas Kishore.

Now the suspicion is increasing that there is some big and personal reason behind Vinay's murder. At present the police investigation is ongoing. Call details of mobile numbers, location of suspects etc. are being scrutinized. Because, many questions are still unresolved.

On August 31, BJP worker Vinay Srivastava and his friends were present at the residence of Minister Kaushal Kishore in Faridipur area of Thakurganj. Vinay was shot dead in the early hours of September 1. The police disclosed the incident and arrested three accused Ankit Verma, Ajay Rawat and Shamim.

It was claimed that the incident was carried out over a gambling dispute. The bullet was fired by Ankit Verma. The accused were presented in the court on September 2. From where they were sent to jail. Now a big information has come to light.
Actually, accused Ankit Verma is the son of the minister's sister-in-law. He mostly lived with his cousin brother and minister son Vikas. He was at the same residence on the night of the incident as well. Based on the evidence, the police took action against him.

Is there any personal rivalry

Vinay was close to the minister for a long time. Vikas lived with Kishore like a shadow. Both the minister and Vikas used to trust him with closed eyes. This is the reason that even the Thar car was named after his mother. There is also talk of purchasing some other land in his name.

Since the accused Ankit has turned out to be a relative of the minister. In such a situation, it is suspected that there was no personal grudge against him. Because of which he was murdered. Even though the police have arrested the accused and exposed the incident, there are still many aspects which are being investigated.

Pistol used to stay with friends

Another important information has come to the fore through sources. Actually, Vikas has already been careless regarding the licensed pistol. He used to give the pistol to his friends as well. Vinay is also included in this. Even that day, when Vikas went to Delhi, he had given the pistol to his friends. However, the police said that a pistol was kept under the pillow on the bed. This pistol was kept by one of them.

Murder at Union Minister's house

A BJP worker was murdered with the licensed pistol of his son Vikas Kishore at the residence of Union Minister of State Kaushal Kishore in Thakurganj in the capital on Thursday night. Late on Friday evening, the police arrested three friends of the worker and claimed that the incident was carried out over a dispute over gambling after drunkenness.
Kaushal Kishore's son Vikas Kishore is the regional vice president of Scheduled Front in BJP. Vinay Srivastava (24), resident of Faridipur, was living with Vikas for the last eight years. He used to work as a BJP worker.
According to Joint Police Commissioner (JCP) Crime Akash Kulhari, Vinay was with his friends Ankit Verma, Ajay Rawat, Shamim Verma, Saurabh Rawat and Arun Pratap Singh at the minister's new residence on Begaria Road, Thakurganj on Thursday night. Everyone drank and gambled till late night.

During this, Ankit won Rs 12 thousand from Vinay. After that Saurabh and Arun left from there. Both Ankit and others refused to gamble. Vinay got angry at this and started pressurizing them to gamble. When they did not agree, a dispute started between the friends. There was a fight too. Meanwhile, Ankit shot Vinay on the forehead with Vikas's pistol kept in the house. Vinay died on the spot.