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US Open: 19 year old Coco Gauff won the US Open title, defeated Sabalenka of Belarus, won her 12th consecutive match

Pankaj Prasad
Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff

With this victory, Coco Gauff has also created history. She is the first teenage player since 1999 to win the US Open.

America's 19-year-old Coco Gough has won the US Open women's singles title. She defeated Arina Sabalenka of Belarus 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 in the final. He also won his 12th consecutive match. In the title match played at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, sixth seeded Gauff had no difficulty in defeating second seeded Sabalenka.

Sabalenka even had to take medical time out because of the mistake. Despite the tough challenge, Gauff managed to win her first Grand Slam. With this victory he has also created history. She is the first teenage player since 1999 to win the US Open. Serena Williams did this in 1999.

Before this match, Sabalenka's record in major tournaments this year was 23-2, that is, she had won 23 matches including all the Grand Slams this year and had to face defeat in two. Not only this, Sabalenka also won the Australian Open title this year. Next week Sabalenka will become number one from number two. At the same time, Gauff's ranking will also improve and she will move from number six to number three.

The match, played in front of 28,143 spectators at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, did not start well for Gauff. He lost the first set 2-6. Then the audience was seen cheering Sabalenka. However, the game turned in the second set. As soon as Gauff won the second set 6-3, she became a favorite with the home crowd. At one point in the third set, Gauff was leading 4-0.

After this, Sabalenka was also seen pointing towards the fans and appealing to them to cheer. Sabalenka took medical time out so she could massage her left leg. During this time, Gauff also got time to relax. The match restarted and the score became 4-2. After this, Gauff won two consecutive games and won the match by winning the third set 6-2.

Gauff happily lay down on the court as soon as she won the third set. He couldn't believe it. After this she became emotional and cried. She then went towards the stands and hugged her family. Gough's mother, who was crying herself, was heard telling Gough: "You did it." While taking the trophy, Gough said- It is not heavy. Apart from this he received a check of three million US dollars.

In the US Open, equal amount of prize money is given to male and female winners. This happened for the first time in the 1973 US Open and Billie Jean King was the winner then. Gough thanked him too. Gough said- Thank you, Billy, for fighting for this. At the same time, Sabalenka also praised Gauff and said that there are still more titles to come for this young player.

Gough said during the award ceremony - This means a lot to me. I am still surprised by this victory. Losing in the final of the French Open last year was very disappointing for me. Because of him I have been able to win this today. That defeat has made my victory even sweeter. US Open has also shared a video which is many years old. In this, Gauff had come as a young fan to watch the US Open match. Now he is a champion himself.