Biden will come in January 2024, if Quad meeting takes place, India's global stage will once again be decorated

Pankaj Prasad
US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden may have left for Vietnam after joining the G-20, but now India is waiting for his arrival in December next year.

US President Joe Biden may have left for Vietnam after joining the G-20, but now India is waiting for his arrival in December next year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited Biden to visit India in January 2024. Joe Biden has graciously accepted this. India is trying to ensure that two other Quad member countries, Japan and Australia, also come to India in January 2024, so that Biden becomes the guest of Republic Day and the Quad meeting is held around Republic Day in India. This is a big diplomatic effort by New Delhi. China has been disliking this forum. He considers this to be a mobilization of these countries against himself.

It is believed in the diplomatic circles that China keeps an eye on the relationship between India and America. China sees this as a rivalry over the ongoing trade war with the US. After China in Asia, India has the second largest capability on every front. However, there is also a crisis of mutual trust in the relationship between America, China and India. Many former diplomats of the Ministry of External Affairs do not deny the possibility of this crisis of confidence.

A former Foreign Secretary says that America and China have different goals at this time. This is affecting the economy of both the countries. Both the big countries are busy in their respective mobilization. China is growing closer to many countries including Saudi Arabia. America is not liking this. Like the American economy, China's market and economy are also under huge pressure. Unemployment and domestic problems are increasing there. And a major reason for all this is the mutual distance between America and China. But if mutual relations between the two countries are back on track like before, then the geopolitical situation will change.

It is said that not only India is wary of this situation, but China too. America is also concerned about the relations between China and India. For example, during this tenure of Xi Jinping, coordination between India and China has decreased. This situation is like an opportunity for India and America. However, it is affecting India also. Due to this, the relationship of trust, cooperation and partnership between India and America is progressing. But if relations between India and China improve tomorrow, it is sure to shock America too. It is said that even America's strategists are skeptical about this. A big reason for this is that India had put on hold all the wishes of America at the cost of relations with Russia.

Will India, which has been neutral, change its strategy?

Since the country gained independence in 1947 till today, India has given top priority to its interests and has based its global policy and relations with countries. However, India has a big opportunity at this time. India, which has done a lot of work on infrastructure in the country, has made great efforts to bring liberalism in its policies considering the international investors and their attraction and standards. Labor laws have been made weak. Wants to see the scenario of Make in India through international investment.

India's strategists feel that it has immense potential and also the right time to utilize it. Many countries like America are seeing India as a big market. India is also seeing this as an opportunity for itself. China is keeping an eye on this intention of India. In such a situation, it has to be seen what kind of condition and direction India gives to its foreign, commercial, economic and business policy by giving priority to its national interests. Relations with China also rest on this condition and direction.