Manipur: '356' can be an effective way to stop violence in Manipur, can become ballistic shield

Pankaj Prasad
Manipur Violence
Manipur Violence

The violence that started in Manipur on May 3 is showing no sign of stopping.

The violence that started in Manipur on May 3 is showing no sign of stopping. However, in between, it was claimed by the Central Government that murders are no longer happening there, but such incidents are continuing from time to time. Three people were shot in Kangpokpi district on Tuesday morning. The three persons, said to be from the Kuki community, were traveling in a vehicle. Miscreants attacked him near Ereng Naga village.

The number of people killed in Manipur violence has reached almost two hundred. On the other hand, tension has also arisen among the security forces deployed in the state. Security forces have come face to face with each other many times. Former BSF ADG SK Sood says, the violence in Manipur now seems to be going out of control. There is Army, Assam Rifles, CAPF and Manipur Police, but the violence is not stopping. If we really want to stop violence in Manipur and establish law and order, then Article 356 can be used as a 'ballistic shield'.

Buffer zone is not successful in establishing peace...

According to former ADG SK Sood, like other states, Manipur is also an integral part of India. The central government should have established peace there by now. The violence that started on May 3 has not stopped yet. People are being killed. Attacks on security forces continue. The situation that is being seen in Manipur for some time is very dangerous. The efforts made to establish peace by creating a buffer zone between the two communities have not been successful. Despite this, murders are happening.

He said, at present only the security forces deployed there are coming face to face with each other. There have been many such incidents when there was every possibility of a clash between the security forces. Sometimes Manipur Police comes in front of Assam Rifles and sometimes the Army has to face such a situation. Similar news is being heard regarding CAPF also. When the armed forces come face to face with each other, the seriousness of the situation can be understood. More than three thousand deadly weapons are in the hands of the miscreants. They have huge amount of ammunition.

Tribal Unity Committee warned the government...

According to SK Sood, in the current circumstances, President's rule should be imposed there using Article 356. The state should not be made a laboratory. Police should be freed from the responsibility of law and order. Earlier it was said that Assam Rifles was supporting the Kuki community. Now similar allegations are being made against Army and CAPF. Amidst the violence between the two communities, mutual differences and tension emerging among the security forces deployed there is a dangerous signal. Satneo Tuboi, Ngaminlun Lhouvam and Ngaminlun Kipgen of Lhangkichoi village were killed on Monday. Last Friday also there was heavy firing in Pallel area. Two people were killed in that also. One Assam Rifles soldier and three Manipur Police personnel were injured. Tribal Unity Committee has warned the government regarding the murder of three villagers. In a statement, the committee says that the brutal killing of innocent Kukis, who were ordinary villagers, will not be tolerated. When there are sufficient number of security forces in Manipur then how can the attack be taking place in broad daylight. People's houses are being set on fire. The committee urged Union Home Minister Amit Shah to immediately declare all the districts located in the valley as 'disturbed areas' under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act.

FIR lodged against Assam Rifles only...

Congress party's Manipur in-charge Bhakta Charan Das has already said that the situation there is very serious. The violence there seems to be well planned. There is a need to impose President's rule to ensure restoration of peace in the state. Deadly weapons looted from police stations are in the hands of miscreants. Recently, Manipur Police had registered an FIR against the soldiers of Assam Rifles. The FIR, against security personnel of the 9th battalion of Assam Rifles, was lodged at Phougakchao Ikhai police station in Bishnupur district. Now security agencies are also receiving alerts that terrorists sponsored by banned terrorist groups United National Liberation Front and People's Liberation Army have started joining the crowd. In a similar incident at Pailel in Tengnoupal district, bullets were fired at an army officer. Two people died there and about four dozen people were injured.

No return of all looted weapons...

Out of about five thousand deadly weapons looted in the state, only 1550 weapons have been recovered so far. On August 3 also, 500 miscreants had looted more than 400 deadly weapons from the headquarters of India Reserve Battalion 'IRB' 2 located at Narsena in Bishnupur district. The miscreants also looted more than 22,000 bullets. These include AK rifle, X caliber rifle, lethal rifle, 5.56 mm INSAS rifle, 5.56 mm INSAS LMG, SLR and MP-5 carbine and other weapons. People had displayed sophisticated weapons in an informal Independence Day parade in Churachandpur.

People of 'Naga' tribe had demonstrated...

Tamenglong, Chandel, Ukhrul and Senapati districts in Manipur are considered to be areas dominated by Naga tribes. Recently thousands of people of Naga community had demonstrated. In fact, in the current circumstances of Manipur, the Naga community has started considering itself unsafe. Ever since the violence started there, the news is spreading that the government may make separate administrative arrangements for the Kuki community in some areas of the mountains. Due to this fear, the people of the Naga community have conveyed this message to the Central Government through their protest that whatever separate administrative system is prepared for the hilly districts of Manipur, the interests of the 'Naga' community should not be affected in any way. Should be. The peace process of the Naga community which is going on with the Center should not hurt its sentiments. On the other hand, after the violence, the demand for a separate administrative system in Kuki areas is increasing. After the violence, lines have been drawn not only among the people but also in the government departments on the basis of community.

Why is there a danger of damage to 'Naga' peace talks...

Peace talks are going on with the central government of the 'Naga' community in Manipur. If the Central Government makes separate administrative arrangements for the people of the Kuki tribe, then the 'Naga' community is seeing the danger of its interests being weakened. As soon as the Kuki community demanded the implementation of a separate administrative system for itself, the people of the Naga community also became alert. He also conveyed his message to Delhi through demonstration. It also gave the message that if the interests of the Naga community are affected in such a new administrative system, the Naga peace talks which have reached the final stage may be derailed.

In a memorandum sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, United Naga Council (UNC) NG Lorho, the apex body of the Naga community in Manipur, has clearly stated that while considering the demands of any community, the government should keep in mind that 'Naga interests' should be kept in mind. Don't be influenced. There should be no tampering with the land of Naga dominated areas. The government should not move away from the agreements reached in August 2015 with the Isak-Muivah faction of the separatist organization NSCN-IM (National Socialist Council of Nagaland). Earlier in June, MLAs from the Naga community had met Union Home Minister Amit Shah and made their stand clear.