Junaid-Nasir murder case: Monu arrested... Many targets hit with one stone; Now it will be easier to arrest MLA

Pankaj Prasad
Monu Manesar arrested
Monu Manesar arrested

Nuh police arrested Monu Manesar in a dramatic manner on Tuesday.

With the arrest of Mohit Yadav-turned-Monu Manesar youth, the Haryana government has hit many birds with one stone. With the arrest of Monu after registering a case under minor sections, the BJP government of Haryana gave the message of equal law for all, while it also worked to pacify the farmers and Jats who were angry with the government. Farmers and Jats were continuously demanding the arrest of Monu Manesar since the Nuh violence.

Case registered under minor sections and information given to Rajasthan Police

On Tuesday, Nuh police arrested Monu Manesar in a dramatic manner. The allegation was that on August 28, two days before the second Jalabhishek Yatra in Nuh, Monu had posted an inflammatory post on his Facebook page.

Nuh police arrested Monu in this case registered under minor sections. Among the sections imposed on Monu, the maximum punishment is only three years and fine. The police knew that Monu would get bail immediately, so they informed about it to the Rajasthan Police.

This was the reason why Monu, who was arrested at 12 noon, was presented in the court by the police within a few hours. From where Rajasthan Police took the accused with them on production warrant.

Nuh violence issue can be cashed in elections

If MLA Maman Khan is arrested then the entire blame of Nuh violence can go to Congress. From the very first day, BJP has been calling this violence a conspiracy of Congress. The BJP government of the state will fully exploit this issue in the coming elections. Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan in December, while elections will be held in Haryana next year. As much as the area of Mewat is in Haryana, it is also on the border of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan government is facing opposition

The Rajasthan Police had hoped that Monu could be brought to Rajasthan and won accolades, but the situation turned out to be the opposite. People started raising questions on the functioning of the police itself. The first question was raised by the family members of Nasir and Junaid.

Nasir and Junaid's wives Parmina and Sajida said that the Rajasthan government and police did not want to arrest Monu. This was the reason why earlier the police kept denying his role in the double murder. Now that Haryana Police has arrested him, Rajasthan Police wants to take credit for it.

Union Minister does not want dominance of second Yadav

Monu Manesar's activism and ever increasing dominance was displeasing to a Union Minister of State. Sources reveal that this Union Minister does not want the dominance of any Yadav in South Haryana. After the Nuh violence, this Minister of State had also given a statement that what was the intention of those who brought weapons in the Jalabhishek Yatra, this should also be investigated. Along with this, some big leaders of the party also wanted an early solution to the dispute in Monu's name. The state government has also fulfilled the wishes of its seniors with this arrest.

Arrest was made when the matter erupted at international level

When there was international rhetoric regarding the Nuh violence, the central government also came into action. On Monday itself, UN Human Rights Commissioner Volker Turk, while addressing the 54th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, had said that his office in India often receives information that marginalized minority communities there are victims of violence and discrimination.

He also claimed that this happened recently in Haryana and Gurugram in North India. The very next day after Turk's statement, Monu Manesar was arrested in a dramatic manner.

MLA Maman Khan may be arrested

The names of Monu Manesar and Bittu Bajrangi were raised the most in the Nuh violence. Both were accused of posting inflammatory posts on social media and inciting violence. Along with this, people had also accused Congress MLA from Firozpur Jhirka, Maman Khan, of giving an inflammatory speech on social media.

By registering a case under mild sections of Monu and Bittu associated with Bajrang Dal and arresting them, the Haryana government has given the message that the law is equal for all. The government has also indicated that MLA Maman Khan may also be arrested on similar charges. CIA has given notice to Maman twice for questioning, however Maman has reached the court.