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Ujjain Rape Case: Bulldozer ran on the house of the accused of brutalizing 12 year old girl, the corporation demolished

Pankaj Prasad
Ujjain Rape Case accused house demolished
Ujjain Rape Case accused house demolished

On Wednesday, a bulldozer ran on the illegal construction of Bharat Soni, the main accused in the rape case of a 12-year-old girl in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

In Ujjain, the house of Bharat Soni, the main accused in the rape case of a 12-year-old girl, was demolished by running a bulldozer. The accused had occupied government land in Nanakheda area of Ujjain, in which he was living with his parents and brother-sister-in-law for many years.

Let us tell you that a temple was also built by the accused in an illegal house. On Wednesday, in the presence of heavy police force, while taking action on the tin house of the accused, it was demolished with a bulldozer. The illegal encroachment was vacated by demolishing the house by the Municipal Corporation team. Accused Bharat Soni had been living here for many years by building a house on government land, after torturing the girl, his illegal property was detected by the police and action was taken to demolish the house of the accused.

The accused is in police custody

The accused is still in police custody. A 12 year old girl was raped in Ujjain and was left without clothes. That is the area of Dandi Ashram of Ujjain. A video of the incident had also surfaced, in which the girl was roaming semi-nude after being raped. After walking some distance, his condition worsened, after which the police was informed. The police admitted him to the hospital.

Mother said, we will not go anywhere, we will stay here

The mother of Bharat Soni, the main accused in the rape case, told Amar Ujala that whatever her son has done, he must be punished. But the action of demolishing the house will bring us on the streets. We are daily wage earners; we do not have enough money to buy a house. Even if the Municipal Corporation demolishes this house, we will stay here.

Was this the case?

Let us tell you that a mentally weak girl studying in school had come to Ujjain by boarding Shipra Express from Satna. On September 25, the girl got down at the railway station. Driver Bharat Soni saw the girl alone and made her sit in his auto. After this, they took the girl to Jeevankhedi area and raped her.

After this heart-wrenching incident, the father of the rape accused had said that if his son was really an accused then he should not have been caught, he should have been shot directly. Had I committed such a crime in place of my son, I would have committed suicide. Even the police does not get it, Raju Soni, father of accused Bharat Soni, said, whoever commits such a crime does not have the right to live. I knew about the incident of rape of the girl. I had discussed with my son that something wrong had happened to a girl in Ujjain city, but he did not say anything. He (the accused son) kept eating, drinking, bathing and sleeping as usual. He did not even let anyone have any doubts.

Attempt to escape from police

Meanwhile, Mahakal police station in-charge Ajay Verma said that when the accused Bharat Soni was being taken to the spot, he tried to run away, but the policemen chased him and caught the accused. TI said that the incident took place near Jeevan Khedi area of the city and two policemen were also injured in the clash. On the other hand, the girl found in injured condition in the area is being treated in a hospital in Indore.