Asian Games: India got two medals in javelin throw, Neeraj Chopra won gold, Kishore Jena won silver

Pankaj Prasad
Neeraj Chopra won gold
Neeraj Chopra won gold

India's star athlete Neeraj Chopra has won gold in the javelin throw event of the Asian Games for the second consecutive time.

India's star athlete Neeraj Chopra has won gold in the javelin throw event of the Asian Games for the second consecutive time. He captured the gold with a best effort of 88.88 metres. Meanwhile, Indian teenager Jena won silver with a best effort of 87.54 metres. Neeraj also won gold in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. At the same time, this is Kishore's first Asian Games and he captured silver. This is Jena's first medal in any competition. Japan's Genki Dean finished third with a best effort of 82.68 metres.

Javelin throwing has been a part of the Asian Games since 1951. This is the first time in 72 years that two athletes from India have won gold and silver in this event. India now has five medals in the javelin throw event of the Asian Games. Before these two medals, Parsa Singh had won silver in the 1951 Delhi Asian Games, Gurtej Singh had won bronze in the 1982 Delhi Asian Games and Neeraj had won gold in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. At the same time, this is also the first time that India has won two medals in men's javelin throw at the Asian Games.

Neeraj Chopra-Kishore Jena's first throw

Neerja's first throw was 82.38 meters. After this throw he reached first place. Kishore Jena from India was second after him. Jena had thrown 81.26 meters. Japan's Genki Dean was third with a throw of 78.87.

Neeraj Chopra-Kishore Jena's second throw

Neeraj's second throw was 84.49 meters. He improved on his previous throws. He remained in first place. Whereas Jena was in second place. Jena's second throw was 79.76 metres.

Neeraj Chopra-Kishore Jena's third throw

Neeraj's third throw was a foul. He touched the crossing mark. Kishore Jena's third throw was 86.77 meters and he went ahead of Neeraj and became a contender for the gold medal. The throw of 86.77 meters was also Jena's personal best.

Neeraj Chopra-Kishore Jena's fourth throw

After being pushed back by Jena, Neeraj came with full energy in his fourth throw and as soon as he made his fourth throw, his confidence was at its peak. He knew that his throw was successful. Neeraj's fourth attempt was 88.88 metres. This was Neeraj's best throw of the season. He has not thrown more than this this season. He had again reached the first place. Kishore Jena's fourth attempt was 87.54 meters and he remained in second place. Jena's personal best throw became 87.54 meters instead of 86.77 meters.

Neeraj Chopra-Kishore Jena's fifth and sixth throw

Neeraj's fifth throw was 80.80 meters. At the same time, Kishore Jena's fifth throw was a foul. The sixth throw of both Neeraj and Jena was foul. It was only after their respective efforts that both of them started celebrating. Neeraj won gold and Jena won silver.

There was a mistake at the beginning of the competition

There was a problem at the very beginning of this competition. First, Sun Cheng Chao of Chinese Taipei came for the throw, but his throw was a foul. After this Neeraj came for the throw. He threw, but his score was not reported. After this, Kuwait's Abdulrahman Alajemi also threw and his score was not even declared. After this the game was stopped for about 15 minutes. Neeraj was seen talking to the officials for a long time. Nobody knew what had happened.

In the background, Athletics Federation of India coaches were seen doing something on their mobiles. Asiad officials had been talking to each other and with Neeraj. Neeraj wore the jacket after the throw. Neeraj did not look happy with such a disturbance. His first throw was about 87 meters, which was cancelled. Due to a technical glitch, Neeraj had to make the first throw again.

Nadeem of Pakistan was not playing

Neeraj's closest rival and World Championship silver medalist Arshad Nadeem, one of India's greatest athletes, had withdrawn from the Games due to an old knee injury. World champion Neeraj Chopra has won every competition against Nadeem so far. The two have competed together a total of nine times. This also includes the 2018 Asian Games, where Pakistani players were third while Indian players were on top. However, Neeraj has not been able to cover the distance of 90 meters yet, whereas Nadeem has achieved it.

Neeraj became world champion this year

Neeraj could not do anything special in the finals of the Diamond League held in Eugene, America and stood second. Then he made his best throw of 83.80 meters. He finished behind Jakub Vadlech of the Czech Republic. Neeraj had thrown the javelin 88.67 meters in the Doha Diamond League this year, while he had won with 87.66 meters in the Lausanne Diamond League. Had finished second in Zurich Diamond League with a best attempt of 85.71. At the same time, in the World Championship, Neeraj had thrown 88.17 meters and won the gold medal.