UN: Israel made serious allegations against Iran in the Security Council, said - the country is funding Hamas for attack

Pankaj Prasad
UN Security Council
UN Security Council

Israel's Ambassador has given a big statement amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

Israel's Ambassador has given a big statement amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. In the UN Security Council meeting, the Israeli envoy has accused Iran of funding Hamas. The Israeli envoy has said that Iran is funding the operations of the terrorist organization group Hamas. Israel's representative to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, said that we are confident that Iran is supporting Hamas' operations.

Iranian President made big claims

According to media reports, shortly before the Israeli ambassador's statement, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi had said that Iran supports the self-defense rights of Palestinians. Raisi had said through government channels that Israel and its supporters are responsible for endangering the nation's security. They should be held accountable for this war and loss of lives. The Iranian president had urged the governments of other Muslim countries, including Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, to support Palestine. He supported Palestine's deconfliction efforts. Riasi claims that Israel was trying to strengthen relations with Arab and other Muslim nations to demoralize the Palestinians.

What is the real reason for the latest conflict?

Hamas spokesman Khaled Kadomi told news website Al Jazeera that the attack was a response to all the atrocities that Palestinian citizens have endured for decades. He said that we want the international community to stop atrocities in Gaza. The atrocities against the Palestinian people should stop. Our holy sites like Al-Aqsa should be freed from encroachment. In a post on Telegram, Hamas has also called on Arab and Islamic countries to support this fight.