USA: US government sought feedback from industry on defense deal with India, asked this

Pankaj Prasad
Joe Biden meets PM Modi
Joe Biden meets PM Modi

The US Defense Department has asked American defense companies about their experience in defense deals with the Indian Defense Department or its security forces.

The US government has sought feedback from its defense industry before entering into a mutual defense procurement agreement with India. A notification has been issued by the Federal Register Department of America. It has been asked in this notification that 'On behalf of the US Government, the Department of Defense is negotiating a mutual defense deal with the Republic of India. In such a situation, the Defense Department has asked the American defense companies about their experience of defense deals with the Indian Defense Department or their security forces.

America has made this defense deal with 28 countries

Let us tell you that till now America has signed Reciprocal Defense Procurement (RDP) Agreements with 28 countries of the world. This agreement has been signed between the Defense Minister of America and the Defense Ministers of other countries. The mutual defense agreement aims to promote standardization, interdependence and interoperability in conventional weapons with partner and friendly countries. This agreement provides a framework for ongoing communication regarding defense procurement. These agreements use language on which both the countries agree and their defense purchases will be according to certain implemented procedures.

Important defense agreements have been signed between India and America

Last June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited America. During this period, many important defense deals were agreed between India and America. These included agreements like mutual defense purchase agreement and security of supply arrangements. India and America have signed an agreement to make engines for Indian fighter aircraft Tejas Mark-2 using the technology of General Electric's F414 jet engine. Apart from this, India has also approved the deal to buy 31 MQ-9B drones from America.