Hamas terrorists: Pregnant woman's stomach torn in Israel, child's body pierce with knife

Pankaj Prasad
Israeli soldiers collecting dead bodies after Hamas attack
Israeli soldiers collecting dead bodies after Hamas attack

The body of a pregnant woman has been found in a town in Israel.

It has been almost a week since the Hamas attack on Israel, but still horrifying information related to this attack is coming out from Israel, knowing which the world is shocked. The body of a pregnant woman has been found in a town in Israel. In fact, the terrorists crossed the limits of barbarity and ripped open the woman's stomach, due to which the woman's unborn child came out. The terrorists were not satisfied with this and also stabbed the unborn child with a knife.

dead bodies were scattered on the streets

According to media reports, Israeli citizen Yossi Landau has been associated with an organization called Jaka for the last decade. This organization works to recover the bodies of people who died due to unnatural causes. Yossi said that he has been recovering dead bodies for the past decade but he had never seen anything like the violence he saw during the Hamas attack. Yossi said that 'in the town of Sderot, near the Gaza border, he saw a large number of overturned vehicles and bodies of people scattered on the streets. The road which usually takes 15 minutes to cross, took us 11 hours to cross because there were dead bodies lying everywhere on the road.

Barbarity crossed the limits, even children were not spared

According to Yossi, 'What he saw at one place not only shook him but his entire team was stunned. Actually, the dead body of a pregnant woman was lying in a house, whose stomach had been torn with a knife. The body of the woman's unborn child was outside and it too had been stabbed with a knife. The baby was still connected to its mother's womb through the umbilical cord. Yossi said that he saw many bodies, including 20 children, who had been shot with their hands tied or set on fire. Many victims were also sexually abused.

2700 people have died so far

Terrorists also caused death in the Supernova music festival held near the Gaza border in Israel. 270 bodies have been recovered from the venue of the concert. At the same time, 100 bodies were recovered from a nearby kibbutz. In response to the attack by Hamas, Israel has so far fired 6000 bombs on the Gaza Strip and so far about 1500 people have died in Gaza due to its attack. At the same time, 1200 people lost their lives in the terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel. Thus far, more than 2700 people have lost their lives in this war and now the Israeli army is preparing for a ground war in Gaza.