Israel Hamas War: Israeli Army's ground action in Gaza, thousands of Palestinians left their homes

Pankaj Prasad
Gaza Strip
Gaza Strip

Israel has deployed more than three lakh reserve soldiers, artillery and armored vehicles on the Gaza Strip border.

The Israeli army is carrying out ground action against the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza. Palestinians have left their homes after the Israeli army raid. Even before starting the ground action, the Israeli army had ordered all 1.1 million Palestinians to vacate Gaza city within 24 hours. On the other hand, Hamas has asked people to stay in their homes. Mosques also appealed to Palestinians not to leave their homes. The United Nations has warned that mass displacement in such a short period of time would be devastating. Despite this, Palestinians have started leaving Gaza. Israeli forces also entered Gaza at night.
On the other hand, in a press conference with US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Galant said, terrorists have mixed with the common people. Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus said Hamas had set up bases inside the buildings and in tunnels and bunkers beneath them. We have to target its military infrastructure. Therefore people should move to the south. Will be allowed to return when the war is over. At the same time, Hamas spokesperson Iyad al-Bojom said, the occupying force wants to displace us from our land again. There will be no displacement like in 1948. We will die, but will not go.

At the same time, Israeli forces carried out a massive bombardment on Gaza on Friday. Hamas also admitted that 13 people, including the foreigners it held hostage, were killed in the bombing. On the other hand, the Israeli army claimed to have rescued 250 hostages, while so far 27 American people have been killed in Gaza. Hamas also fired 150 rockets in 15 minutes on Israel's Ashkelon city in protest against the evacuation of civilians from Gaza. There. Due to filling of the morgue in Gaza's largest hospital 'Al Shifa', dead bodies are scattered everywhere.

The Shayetet-13 unit of the Israeli army attacked the Suffa checkpoint and rescued 250 hostages. The army captured 26 terrorists alive, including Muhammad Abu Ali, the deputy commander of Hamas' Southern Naval Division. Meanwhile, bloodied bodies are scattered in the corridors of 'Al Shifa' hospital in Gaza Strip and the victims are fighting for treatment. Meanwhile, terrorists also tried to infiltrate on Friday in Hanita village, about 500 meters from the border of Lebanon's Alma Al-Shaab city. The terrorists created a huge explosion on the border, due to which the fence installed there was also damaged.

Number of displaced people in Gaza crosses 4.23 lakh

Amid the ongoing war in Gaza following the Hamas attack on Israel, the United Nations said that more than 4,23,000 people in the Gaza Strip have now been forced to flee their homes due to Israel's heavy bombardment of the Palestinian territory. Is going. The number of displaced people is continuously increasing due to the destruction of people's houses.

Israeli Defense Forces admitted, failed to stop the attack

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on October 7 acknowledged its failures in helping Hamas infiltrate the country and carry out terrorist attacks that led to mass killings. IDF chief Herzi Halevi told southern Israel that our forces are responsible for the security of the country and its citizens and "we did not handle this in the area around the Gaza Strip on Saturday morning." We will investigate it but now is the time for war. He said, the attack forces are fighting Hamas terrorists and will destroy their systems. He said, the way Hamas terrorists massacred our children, wives and our people is animalistic and inhuman.

Demonstration against Israel in Middle Eastern countries

Thousands of Muslims demonstrated across the Middle East on Friday to protest Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. Israel is preparing a ground attack in the Gaza area, which is likely to trigger a wider regional conflict. From Amman, Jordan to the capital of Yemen, Muslims took to the streets after Friday prayers. In Iraq, thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square in the center of Baghdad for a protest called by Shia cleric and political leader Moqtada al-Sadr. In Iran, protesters burned Israeli flags and chanted slogans against it. Protests against Israel and America were also held in Yemen, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Pro-Palestine rally banned in France and Hungary...

In view of the increase in anti-Semitic incidents around the world, France has ordered a strict ban on pro-Palestine demonstrations. On the other hand, the Hungarian police banned the proposed rally in support of Palestinians.

Israeli army conducted raids to locate hostages

After almost a week of airstrikes, the Israeli army entered the Gaza Strip for the first time on Friday. Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said its soldiers, protected by its tanks, carried out the raids to attack Palestinians who were firing rockets and to gather information about people held hostage by Hamas. The spokesman said the soldiers returned after the raid.

Palestinians running away from donkey carts...

Following Israel's warning, a large number of Palestinians have started leaving Gaza City and the northern Gaza area and moving towards the south since late Friday evening. People in cars, trucks and even donkey carts were seen leaving the main road of Gaza City with blankets, food and other essential items. Hamas said, 70 died in the attack on the convoy fleeing from Gaza...Hamas' media office said that Israel carried out an airstrike on the convoy of people fleeing from Gaza, in which 70 people were killed.