Jammu: 17 days before retirement, DGP's powers retired, Home Department stays transfers of DSP rank

Pankaj Prasad
JK DGP Dilbag Singh
JK DGP Dilbag Singh

The Home Department has Stays the transfer of any DSP of DGP with immediate effect.

The order, which came amid the ongoing tussle between Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbag Singh and the Home Department over the transfers of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) level officers, has surprised everyone. The Home Department has banned the transfer of any DSP of DGP with immediate effect. This written order has come at a time when only 17 days are left for the DGP's retirement. That means his rights have been retired 17 days ago.

In the order of the Home Department, the DGP has also been asked to give the list of DSP rank officers who retired prematurely in the last three months. It is clearly written in the order that no DSP will be transferred without informing the Home Department and taking permission. To do this they will first have to send a proposal to the Home Department.

Let us tell you that the current DGP Dilbag Singh is retiring on 31st October this month. Its notification has also already been issued. The market of speculations is hot due to this order of the Home Department, just 17 days before his retirement.

Earlier also questions were raised on the transfer list

Let us tell you that a few months ago the Home Department had transferred more than 30 DSP rank officers of the police department. Even then there were many discussions. Because the Home Department had never before transferred the rank of DSP in the state. These transfers used to happen at the level of DGP only. However, later the DGP also transferred some DSPs. On this, the Lieutenant Governor administration had stopped the transfer list. Later this transfer order was issued with some amendments.

Officers did not pick up the phone

However, efforts were made to talk to both DGP Dilbag Singh and Home Department Secretary RK Goyal on this matter. Also send messages on WhatsApp. But no one replied. We just wanted to know both their sides on this order. Whenever he wants to present his side, it will be published on priority.

first written order

However, this is not the first time that the powers of a DGP level officer have been limited before his retirement. In September 2018, three months before the retirement of the then Director General of Police SP Vaid, the then Governor Satyapal Malik had curtailed his powers. This also included the authority to approve operational funds. Not only this, some important rights of Vaid were taken away from him and handed over to his junior Munir Khan. But, in the case of Dilbagh Singh, this is the first time that a written order for curtailment of rights has been issued.